A coping mantra

RT @JimBenton: a coping mantra


Why is Yahoo still relevant anyway?

But just why is Yahoo still relevant anyway? They are welcome to ten plus years of unread spam and the old mailing lists in my account -……

In creative work…

RT @miracleofsound: In creative work, ‘finished’ really means ‘I can’t spot any huge flaw in it right now but probably will 5 minutes after I release it’

Mark as offensive?

Nope. I’m doing it to all the Twitter ads, but that one would receive the ‘special’ treatment.…

I love the new “I don’t like this” feature, but equally like to use the report this advert option.

Maybe not as simple as reporting all of them as ‘This tweet is offensive’, but honestly all the Twitter ads in my feed are way off the mark in relevancy.


RT @Irish_Dinosaur:

This man is delusional?



RT @MelanieHannah: omfg…

How does this company keep going. It is a zombie, that refuses to die.


Memorial to an Octopus Attack

RT @mental_floss: Memorial to Fake Staten Island Ferry Octopus Attack Appears in NYC —

I’m always amazed by the effort that goes into some of these practical jokes. Well played.


Advice for campers…

RT @Outwelltents: Simple and sweet – we love this advice for #campers


Dear autocorrect

RT @laurenancona: Dear autocorrect:

I never
meant to write “ducking.”


“Please do not expand the list…”

RT @memeprovider: “please do not expand the list by killing people.”


True Vendor Call

RT @subTee: True Vendor Call
Our software protects you from buffalo overflows.
Me:Excuse me, What? o_O
Buffalo Overflows.
Me: OK


The more you know..

RT @FunnyQuotees: The more you know..


Enrage all the iPhone 7 owners..

RT @HouseOfTheZed: Terrify and enrage all the iPhone 7 owners you know with this one weird trick!


FFS it is 2016 not 1916!

FFS it is 2016 not 1916! Petition update – New short film released to support #SREnow campaign… via @UKChange

Make that 1967 and I’m with you!

Make that 1967 and I’m with you!…

Of course it’s a glamorous assignment!

RT @Pandamoanimum: “Of course it’s a glamorous modelling assignment!”


Who knew that “fart battles” were a thing?

Who knew that “fart battles” were a thing?…

Are we being sold a lie?

Are we being sold a lie?…

If hand sanitisers kill 99.9% of germs, but only 0.1% are actually harmful to us does that mean hand sanitiser is useless?

Life Rules

Exactly why one of my life rules is to never, ever trust a man in a suit!
They all have something to hide.…

Nothing like an octopus..

Definitely. Nothing like an octopus at all!…

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