Jamie Oliver Needs Your Help

Jamie Oliver Needs Your Help Fighting For Food Education

#FoodRevolutionDay… via @UKChange


RT @VanceCrowe: That surprised look when you show someone that broccoli didn’t occur “naturally” humans bred it from wild mustard


Please keep your promises

Dear @TheCooperative & @CooperativeFood. Please #keepyourpromises on chicken welfare Don’t not forget your ideals.

Traditionally the Yorkshire pudding…

RT @giffgaff: Traditionally the Yorkshire pudding can be served as a dessert, with sugar or an orange sauce. Madness. #SundayRoastFact

I never got chance to say this is complete b*llocks.

Yorkshire pudding is served as a first course, a filler, and is never served with the main meal. It can be served as a desert, traditionally with golden syrup, however this is fairly rare.

The only way a Yorkshire pudding should ever be served with a main meal is when it is the main meal, a Toad in the Hole, or even with liver and onions served inside it. A Yorkshire pudding is also not a real Yorkshire pudding if it is made in a piddling little cupcake tin. It should be made in a roasting tin, the bigger the better, and served cut from the tin, but I’ll accept a 8-10 inch individual one if push comes to shove.

As an aside, part of my wife’s family come from across the border in East Lancashire, and a tradition there is to make a stew and dumplings, removing the dumplings, serve the stew, and serve the dumplings drizzled in golden syrup as a desert.

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell…

RT @voidshaper: A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell (via @aliceffekt)…

Excellent. Almost as well said as Wallace.


WHAT ARE YOUR PRAWNS EATING? @MorrisonsNews #fishfight

Awkward Tesco moment

RT @ViscountLeighto: Awkward #Tesco #Horsemeat #Horsepun


Inspirational, and a win

Inspirational, and a success for people power. #neverseconds

Edit 29/06/12. This young lady has now raised over £108,000 for her chosen charity, and had the council u-turn. Amazing success for people power, charity, and one talented young lady.
Her blog is now bookmarked.

800000 wspierających #fishfig…

800000 wspierających #fishfight obserwują poczynania @SawickiMarek Trzeba odbudować łowiska&skończyć z odrzutami @RybaZaBurta

800000 firmas #fishfight pendi…

800000 firmas #fishfight pendientes de #AriasCanete @desdelamoncloa!Por una pesca sostenible y el fin de los descartes @niunpez @ClientEarth

800 000 soutiens de #fishfight…

800 000 soutiens de #fishfight observent @fcuvillier Restaurez les réserves de poisson, bannissez les rejets @FishFightFrance @ClientEarth

800000 #fishfight supporters a…

800000 #fishfight supporters are watching you @RichardBenyonMP! Restore fish stocks & end discards @hughsfishfight @ClientEarth

Marmite: Denmark says spread could be illegal


Ah well. I don’t drink Danish beer, will not touch Danish pork, and I don’t go a bundle on Danish pastries either, so I guess we’ll call it quits?

Heavenly Lunch

100 grams of brown shrimp, and half a baguette.
Hollow out the baguette, cook the shrimp for a few minutes with some butter and a little seasoning, Cajun is good, then fill the baguette with the shrimp.

Simple and very enjoyable.

Discovered a bottle of Southern Comfort at the back of the drinks cupboard.

Realised why the bottle of Southern Comfort is at the back of the cupboard. Anyone know a way of cooking with the stuff?


I do love a perfect poached egg, and this one was…

1st of the season

There is an unwritten rule in our home, no asparagus until English produce is available…

and that means only one thing;

Formby asparagus.

Fresh on the shelf this morning, the first of a hopefully long season, and I’m sure it will be on our plates before the weekend is out!

Hi-tech tasty…

Marmite in a squeezy bottle.
Twice the price and definitley not environmentaly friendly, but I guess it is easier!

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