Standing Rock…

RT @refocusedmedia: This photo from Standing Rock is incredible



RT @MelanieHannah: omfg…

How does this company keep going. It is a zombie, that refuses to die.


2 years on

RT @Pandamoanimum: And 2 years after the sad loss of Rik Mayall I still love the plaque that appeared in Hammersmith after his death.


Just saw this on Facebook…

RT @Pandamoanimum: Just saw this on Facebook and Iain Black deserves to be bought endless pints in recognition of these wise words.


10,000-Character Limit?

Twitter Considering 10,000-Character Limit for Tweets Bring it on…

Controversially I’m in favour of this as I can think of the positives, but perhaps the 140 limit needs to stay as a headline, but with links, #hashes and @’s being part of the 10000 limit that display as part of the headline. This way Twitter can become a mini blogging system, or stay as it is.

What it will do to advertising is anyone’s guess though.

Deep Coal

RT @AmyMurphyPA: In the next few minutes, the UK’s last ever miners will clock off here for the final time #KellingleyColliery


A sad moment, and close to my heart. I know we still have ‘mines’, but it appears we are so ‘anti’ coal now despite millions of tons of the stuff being in the ground. I’m all for renewables, and a reduction in pollution, but they are not the whole answer, and I still think that CO2, and with it all the complex taxation/rules, is not the bad boy.

I may in a minority though.

Safeguard privacy?

I’ve asked my MP to demand proper judicial safeguards to protect our privacy. Will you email your MP too?…

That said, I think we are pissing in the wind.

Media frenzy?

RT @RuloDelCanal: .@UnMalPaso @La_SER


Basically America

RT @BanksyOfficiaI: Basically America


Basically The West!

The 42nd Iditarod starts…

RT @BreakingNews: The 42nd Iditarod starts as 67 mushers leave Willow, Alaska, on 1,000-mile trek to Nome – @adndotcom

Check out the crazy new plans for your hospital

Check out the crazy new plans for your hospital:… #HospitalClosureClause

In search of lost growth

RT @jurieongames: In search of lost growth. RT @Zgur_: A la recherche de la croissance perdue (à jamais) :


We are all just consumers.

Space Train

RT @NBCNewsScience: How a space train was brought to life

Switch off!

So it’s the last night of analogue TV in the UK. A milestone passed without much fuss.

Pink Floyd on iTunes!

Pink Floyd on iTunes! I missed that.. Spotify next?

Not on Spotify as of 23/10/11

Twitter edit

#theipaper Looks good, but why no website, or more than an iPad app? I don’t want dead tree format.

Beatles on iTunes

Wow, am I the only one who wonders how relevant this is anymore? #iTunes #Beatles

Apple @ Liverpool One

Apple Retail Store (United Kingdom) – Liverpool One

Wow. Almost on my doorstep, but I guess that the net is still easier for actual purchases…
Maybe worth a visit sometime, though I won’t be queuing up for the doors to open anytime soon.

Long time, no posts….

Not that I meant too, it’s just been that way. I suppose the bombings in London just reminded me how frail we all are, and that in a moment all this could be gone.

How long would a blog remain if I stopped, for whatever reason, tomorrow? Its not exactly like a paper diary is it. I suppose it would remain online until the next hosting payment became due, a little less than a year?

I know this blog is little more than my personal diary, but, like the modern phenomenon of mobile phones ringing forlornly after any major tragedy involving fatalities, how many dead links and forgotten blogs lie around the net because of personal tragedy?

Like many others yesterdays events give you that little pang of grief, and the remainders of your own frailty, and, thank God, makes you value your own life that little more.

My thoughts are with those affected, in ALL incidents where innocent lives are take in the misguided quests for idealism or power.

OS News – Exploring the Future of Computing

One of my main sources of OS info.

And I don’t know if this should be a compliment or condemnation……

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