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I can’t help but side with Lance Armstrong, http://www.lancearmstrong.com/news-events/lance-armstrongs-statement-of-august-23-2012, on the whole debacle that has been following him around for years, and in some ways it has taken guts to have walked away from this thing without tackling it head on. He is correct of course, this thing has to lie down and die.
I’m going to say that in the end it doesn’t matter if he took drugs, or not, he was competing against people who were, it being rife in cycling at the time, so if he was taking drugs, he was still a better cyclist, and if he wasn’t, he was a way better cyclist.
As has already been pointed out, stripping him of the tour titles will elevate the likes of Jan Ullrich to a winner, someone who was caught taking drugs, and suffered the consequences of that action. What is not fair by any stretch of the imagination is that now an admitted drug user is elevated above one who is claiming innocence, and who has never been tested positive.
The whole episode is not doing cycling’s image any good, again. Cycling is still not a clean sport, but it is trying to rid itself of this image that everyone has, even Wiggo has to defend against those who presume that because he has done well he must have been using banned substances.Just having to defend yourself against this is hard, the achievement of winning any of the major tours is not to be under estimated, this is not some overpaid ‘sportsman’ spending 90 minutes on a pitch, this is sustained effort over several days, or weeks, and the temptation to find something that gives you an edge must be huge.
Lance, I don’t care if you did or didn’t, either way your legacy is impressive, and you continue to impress me every day with your sporting efforts. I think you have done the right thing, and I hope the cycling governing bodies also see the right way to deal with this, and not let the witch hunt have its way.


  1. Sandgrounder

    October 13, 2012 at 11:40

    I still stand by my convictions on this one, in spite of the further furore that is opening up. The UCI have so far not stripped him of any titles, and I hope they continue to stake this stance.

    To me it simply does not matter if he was, or wasn’t. If he was he was still better than all the other competitors at the time, if he wasn’t, he was way better. End of.

    Cycling has cleaned up its act since (or has it?), this is in the past, and anyone who would be elevated by stripping him of the titles was just as likely to have been using ‘something’ just the same, though is actually more likely to have been caught. What good does it do stripping titles 10-12 years back, especially when so far it is not proven he took anything.
    Surely the baseline has to be passing the tests?

  2. Sandgrounder

    November 11, 2012 at 13:41

    Honestly, this is nothing more than a witch hunt, and the harm being done to pro cycling is immense, over what?

    So they did strip him of the titles, and I guess what remains of his career is in tatters, but how much is it effecting the good done with Livestrong?

    One ‘sportsman’ can make these claims, and get away with a slap on the wrist for their involvement, yet another suffers total vilification. Something is not right here, especially when Lance has not actually admitted anything, nor has anything been proven, everything is based on a few statements, mostly by proven dopers.

    Cycling still is not clean, and I guess a few other sports also have some dirty laundry in the closet, but frankly I no longer care, this whole episode completely stinks, and until Lance actually comes out and admits that he did take anything performance enhancing, or it is < > in a court of law that he did, then all this is just here say, and the harm being done to cycling, and the damage done to Livestrong is pointless.

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