The slow spread of Vegemite

BBC News – The slow spread of Vegemite

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  1. Spam, not vegemite.

    November 2, 2012 at 23:58

    What’s the link between German U-boats, the beer industry, processed cheese and the Men At Work’s 1983 hit, Down Under? The answer is, they all played a part in turning Vegemite from a humble yeast spread into an Australian icon. Stop any Aussie on any street, anywhere in the world, and they will have a view on Vegemite – for, or against. Now, on the eve of its 90th birthday, the first official history has just been published. The Man Who Invented Vegemite is written by Jamie Callister, grandson of the man who created it. “My grandfather Cyril created something that all Australians associate with their childhood. It never leaves you,” he says.

    Yeah, yeah. It is spam, but link removed it is nice facts 🙂 Admin.

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