RT @webis_mobile: Going to try PI3 on my Mac flip.it/ahcR6 ~ This is how I said iOS should be able to run. Is it Android for me next time hardware comes up for renewal?

I seriously doubt I would want to run Android right now, but will admit that the Galaxy Note would be a serious temptation for work. It will really depend on how things now change over the next couple of years or so, and if Apple really take the que from Bluestacks and do what they should have done from the outset, produce a player that runs on Win and Mac that exactly replicates a tablet, bringing all the App Store to any desktop, that then runs exactly in sync via iCloud.
They almost certainly won’t do it, they are too precious of iPad sales to risk letting it happen on Windows tablets, but I’d like to think they would, and if it was kept off the Win RT version maybe the could do this.