FUBi: The full-sized foldable bike

FUBi: The most compact full-sized foldable bike in the world by Fubicom — Kickstarter flip.it/sJh7I

This is ‘design’, real technological design solving a problem in a novel way using engineering, not some ‘designer’ who reinvents some 30’s cafe racer and has it built in Taiwan, or engineers who solve a ‘problem’ that doesn’t exist and then builds it out of impractical materials or at a stupidly high costs.

I know many engineers keep returning to a bicycle related problem perfecting their ‘thing’ time after time, but at least they are engineers and are attempting to solve a problem however small, or personal, that may be, but ‘designers’ offering incredibly complex, and often expensive, solutions to problems that don’t exist are just not my thing.

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  1. Sandgrounder

    December 21, 2013 at 14:52

    No. It didn’t get funded either, though it is not exactly a surprise.
    These ‘schemes’ are usually way too personal and are not commercially viable under any scheme. I guess the dedicated keep plugging away.

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