This site is just me and whatever I’m involved with right now, people, places and things.

The site started out as a way to document my move away from using Windows on my computers, but over the years became much more.

Though I was never able to keep a diary for more than a week into any New Year, I’ve been keeping this diary for several years now. Gradually it has turned into a digital scrapbook, an online repository of all the bits of info that don’t fit into my day to day organisation, some of it fun, some of it useful, some of it plain old venting off, mostly though just recording it in this way helps me to make sense of things, and gives me a way to look back on where I was in the past.

Previous posts have been generated with iBlog, Ecto, iWeb, WordPress, Rapidweaver, Loghound’s Rapidblog plugin, MarsEdit, Shozu, iPhone apps, email, MMS, Macjournal, Cellspin and They are now all combined into this space using WordPress, and can arrive here via several different methods depending on where I am.

I’ve evaluated a few blogging platforms 🙂 over the years, and I’ve tried WordPress in the past, which I loved, but was unable to get it to run easily on my host, either pre-installed, or as a manual installation. I did run it for a while on my own web-server, but have abandoned this when I ceased to run another home based server. The economics of time and money made it a little impracticable., with the help of Google’s API, always worked, but has never offered me all the control over output that I wanted, and though workarounds could be made it never quite hit the 100% mark. WordPress from 2.7 onwards has ticked all the boxes.
Update 24/04/10. I do now keep a daily diary, privately. Information is collected from RRS, my desktop, and my mobile device, currently an iPhone 3G, and collated into Chonories. Despite my initial reservations, I now make use of Twitter for the little bits of info that float in-front of me every day, a kind of mini blog, which I cross publish to this blog. Keeping my diary has become much more important to me than this blog, but I do share things back here when I think they are worthy of wider appraisal, and do hope to expand on what I do publish online sometime in the future, just don’t hold your breath.

Update 08/10/10. With less and less reliance on an OS platform, and more on an application level I’m now using MarsEdit from a Mac for main blog posts, with Twitter integration for minor comments and quick posts. I considered moving back to a HTML based site, but the work in moving close to a thousand entries across proved to be too daunting. I’ll have to wait for iOS 5 to land in the next few days to see how Twitter integration pans out.

Update 16/08/14. Here I am, almost four years later, and nothing really changed, despite the times I’ve considered it a priority.
Where now? Twitter still collects those mostly useless, but interesting snippets. Day One provides my diary, and WordPress??? It is still here, 10 years after I first began to write down elements of my life, but I’m not sure where it fits anymore. The elements change, moved on, things became important, then faded away. I don’t know where this blog will be in a years time, or another 10, but I do know it unleashed an urge to write, an urge that grows bigger even though it has a vent.

Update 07/11/2015. I’m still here, despite lots of moments wondering why I still use this space. I can see where social media really took over the ‘blog’, and I certainly no longer seem to post more than the occasional ‘original’ snippet exclusively here. Maybe things will change again, maybe a quest for more privacy, or more of a social expression will change this small web presence again. I never quite scratched that itch to write.