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RT @kane: New project: photoshopping smartphones into classic paintings. https://t.co/qzACXuoqoS

Love this, on top of it being a favourite painting.


Artist Celebrates…

RT @sylvia_ritter: Artist Celebrates Late Grandfather By Drawing Each Of The 100,000+ Items He Left In His Toolshed boredpanda.com/grandfather-di…

Danse Macabre

RT @sylvia_ritter: Breathtaking – Danse Macabre – Time lapse by Benjamin Sack via laughingsquid.com/mind-bogglingl…


Posters, Sochi 2014


I love the style of these.

Ewing Paddock’s paintings of people on the London Underground

Artist Ewing Paddock’s paintings of people on the London Underground. flip.it/bARki

Incredible Art

RT @___discovery: incredible art @supersonicart
dailygeekshow.com/2013/12/01/le-… via @aliceffekt

Cat FoodIn French, but the images have their own universal message.


Time-Lapse Captured Entirely Inside GTA5

This Time-Lapse Was Captured Entirely Inside the Video Game World of GTA V flip.it/W4cgC


I’m seriously impressed with the ‘world’ built inside this game. I think I’d just want a sandbox mode to play in though.

Banksy is taking over New York

British street artist Banksy is taking over the streets of New York this month with a surprise new painting every day… flip.it/sJdqH

I just love ’em!

A colourful and historic view of London

Here’s a colourful and historic view of London, originally seen on the platform walls of the London Underground a century ago… flip.it/2NuSj


RT @fairdalebikes: Corgi-flip! #corgi flip instagr.am/p/UICgllk7n5/

Screenshot_13_01_2013_16_48 Screenshot_13_01_2013_16_49

Nice Style

http://t.co/jnAkbhmw Nice stylised cycle art.

New LomoKino will create Lomo movies

New LomoKino will create Lomo movies.

But “why”?

Ok, while I appreciate retro to a degree I’d be more inclined to appreciate a classic, though the price for this is OK, but for anyone who wants to create a 30-50 second movie surely they would use the movie option on your standard camera, or one of the many smartphone apps available?

I don’t actually know what film costs now, or the cost of developing a roll, even where you can get this done other than sending it away now, but in this day and age of disposable media how may people would go for, lets say £5, for a bit less than a minute of film?

I used an original Lomo back in the mid eighties, it may even still be among my parent’s possessions, but I really can’t see why I should want to use it now with the availability of so much easy post-processing software, and the ease of carrying a camera that is so much better at being a camera.

I guess it still applies, the best camera is the one you have with you, and the talent is behind the camera, not in it.

ffffixas (Bicycle Art at it’s best?)

Reminds me of the stylised ’30’s ‘poster’ art.

Banksy and the Simpsons

BBC News – Banksy creates Simpsons intro.

Yet another great Banksy ‘piece’. I’d love to meet this guy.

More posters

Follows on from my post a few days ago.

I was archiving some stuff and found this link to some very similar art. I posted this back in September 2005 on another site.

I do love the style.

All clear for the guns

You’d never guess I have a love of pre-1950 transport posters and advertising…

‘All clear for the guns’ – railway posters from WWII

They just have style in spades, even though these are obviously austerity print jobs. I also note the appearance of British Railways by up to 7 years before it was actually a reality.

Banksy’s pet shop

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Banksy’s pet shop: “”

Normally I’d just say I like a piece of art, or not.
If I like it I’ll look deeper into it, but this guy grabs my attention every time. Its art I ‘get’ without explanations, on multiple levels.

Maybe it doesn’t need too much thought, maybe that why it has popular appeal, but either way I understand the message, and love the art.

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