10,000-Character Limit?

Twitter Considering 10,000-Character Limit for Tweets flip.it/DUz.z Bring it on…

Controversially I’m in favour of this as I can think of the positives, but perhaps the 140 limit needs to stay as a headline, but with links, #hashes and @’s being part of the 10000 limit that display as part of the headline. This way Twitter can become a mini blogging system, or stay as it is.

What it will do to advertising is anyone’s guess though.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…

Iran’s blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web gu.com/p/4e93d/stw

So it’s ironic I post it with Twitter!

The post is spot on though, I can’t tell you how much I hate the Facebook format, though mobile is a little more tolerable, and probably the defacto viewing method now. For Twitter, see my later comments, and note I’ve just started a project to take a single Instagram image each day, and the platform is not the issue, though subject matter can sometimes be difficult to find, even after 9 days!

Responsible social media

RT @shawnblancnet: It’s Possible to Use Social Media Mindfully shawnblanc.net/2013/12/note-t…

Now getting info back *out* of Day One needs to be done manually, and I’m still working on a best method to do this. It is actually easier to dump something into Twitter, and let a chain of automagical scripts place the item into various places for later editing.

IFTTT, for myself, but with a raft of editing needed afterwards to make sense of it all.

Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform

Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform flip.it/mntlx
Almost exactly what I want, for a diary backup thingy.

It is the simple, clean look that attracts me, almost something like I’ve got for this blog.

New look, new start?

A new look to the site, though it was not without it’s problems, and still is to some extent.

Weekly Review


I tried one theme, and ran into problems with the way posts were displayed, this was tracked down to Social plugin I’m using to pull my Twitter account into the site. I’ve switched this to manual now, but have eventually worked out that this is because the plugin creates a ‘status’ action for the posts in WordPress, and the theme lacked this action ability. I did not find this until I started on the next, current theme, but when I worked out where the problem was, and how to cure it.

The cure, for my purposes, was simple, duplicate one of the other post actions in the theme, and call it status.php.

Anyway, here we have the new theme from Theme Forest, and a few little hacks to make it work for me. Currently I’m still experiencing a problem with the archives, but I’m looking into that one, and maybe don’t need them in the way they have existed for a long time anyway.

Related to blogging, but a separate problem that I’m still no closer to resolving, is a reliable, formatted export from Day One, that can be automated to some degree. Currently I’m leaving it in their hands, and waiting for an effective method on the desktop, but it is something that is increasingly worrying to me as each and every day adds more info into Day One that will need extraction at some point. I’m already at the stage where the MacBook holds a non synced version of everything prior to the beginning of this year. I’m really not comfortable with the situation, but there does not appear to be any workaround that is either acceptable, or a massive amount of manual work.

Either way the problem is only snowballing at present, and while there are backups of everything, any recovery is work, a lot of work. This is one problem that is not dropping of my project list very quickly.

One other project this week that has not been brought any closer to completion is the installation of a Windows 98 instance in a VM. Everything ends in the same error message whatever I’ve tried to do, including different ISO’s and machines running the VM. In itself this is not really a problem, but it does not bode well for one of the main ‘lab’ projects at work.

Well I’ve picked a theme for W…

Well I’ve picked a theme for WordPress, ideal for my current posting ‘method’. Pinboard.


Tweeting 3 years, 1 month, 4 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes, 27 seconds

Tweeting 3 years, 1 month, 4 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes, 27 seconds (May 27, 2009). How about you? http://t.co/ez0lhR2j #howlong

Inspirational, and a win

Inspirational, and a success for people power. #neverseconds http://t.co/Xua7Dmlt

Edit 29/06/12. This young lady has now raised over £108,000 for her chosen charity, and had the council u-turn. Amazing success for people power, charity, and one talented young lady.
Her blog is now bookmarked.

Work in progress…















After a long hiatus you may have noticed I’ve restarted my blogging.

A recent partial move of host has me committed to the WordPress platform for a while to come, and I’ve re-started my idea of using this as an information store.

Wiki’s seem like hard work, so I’m keeping it simple and using tagging instead. MarsEdit is the choice for pushing stuff out from the desktop, and Twitter the remainder, but at some point I am going to work out a cleaner integration with my personal journal, I still don’t know where it is going to go, but blogging is not abandoned yet.

I’m having to look at my hosting

I’m having to look at my hosting requirements, and blog, Posterous is a front runner, but doesn’t have a desktop app? http://t.co/bepnnBQ2

Google+ To Integrate With Blogger

Google+ To Integrate With Blogger http://t.co/3MYcFjas – First Reader, now Blogger, this had better be good!

Productive use of a wet afternoon

Productive use of a wet afternoon. Fixing my blog. Chose MarsEdit over MOApps for the desktop app. Twitter integration is just cool on WP!

So that’s it then

myWPEdit Image










I’ve shown the blog some love over the last few days, continuing with WordPress, and now linking into Twitter, partially in readiness for iOS5.

Next job is to tidy up some of the ‘shell’, and enable the site again.

WP Twitter plugin.

WP Twitter plugin – Twitter Tools.
Could be handy, if this works?


myWPEdit Image

Maybe I was a little hasty in deciding to go back from a WordPress blog to a standard HTML hosted site.

I guess the transfer work looked a little daunting…

MOApps do have a nice little WordPress editor that could fit the bill.

Is this the end for DayOne, Momento and other diary apps?

WordPress, locked on view, time stamped by the machine, and cross platform?


I say “almost perfect”, there are issues!

Perfect Blogging

Posterous is working as an almost perfect blogging tool.


A very nice app to aggregate all my news, tweets and feeds.
Now if only did blogging to my WordPress setup!

The Buzz

Google Buzz Logo

Just activated on my account, but I’m not sure yet. Like Wave it is not straight forwards in use, and as often happens on the net things that are ‘manufactured’ don’t always gain the popularity of more spontaneous products.

Nice article on the BBC about Buzz, but I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve tested things out.

All a bit ironic that on the day I make a plugin work for Twitter, and I finally ‘get’ how I could use it as part of my diary/blogging habit, Google go and release a similar system.

I’ll revisit things in a few days when I’ve had chance to poke things a bit.

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