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These pranksters have found the perfect way to get back at bike thieves i100.io/Iyz5S0e@

About Georgena Terry

About Georgena Terry | The Radavist theradavist.com/2015/11/about-… via theradavist

Every. Single. Time.

RT @GoSkyRide: Every. Single. Time. https://t.co/sSkWnjdmyg


Danny MacAskill rides the Alpe Adria Trail

Danny MacAskill rides the Alpe Adria Trail – Danny rides trials and trails along the Alpe Adria Trail. flip.it/r0wNj

I see people walking on two wheels…

RT @SafetyHippo: I see people walking on two wheeled machines and people siting on four wheeled machines. The latter aren’t paying attention. Be safe.

Marco Pantani passed 10 yrs ago…

RT @BicyclingMag: Marco Pantani passed 10 yrs ago today. Read Friedman’s sobering account of Il Pirata’s life & death flip.it/VszDB

Thought provoking article on one of my sporting heroes.

FUBi: The full-sized foldable bike

FUBi: The most compact full-sized foldable bike in the world by Fubicom — Kickstarter flip.it/sJh7I

This is ‘design’, real technological design solving a problem in a novel way using engineering, not some ‘designer’ who reinvents some 30’s cafe racer and has it built in Taiwan, or engineers who solve a ‘problem’ that doesn’t exist and then builds it out of impractical materials or at a stupidly high costs.

I know many engineers keep returning to a bicycle related problem perfecting their ‘thing’ time after time, but at least they are engineers and are attempting to solve a problem however small, or personal, that may be, but ‘designers’ offering incredibly complex, and often expensive, solutions to problems that don’t exist are just not my thing.

Build yourself a Sandwich!

RT @bikerumor: Hungry for a new Bike? Build yourself a Sandwich!: It seems there are no shortages of wooden bike designs lately.


Here we go again. Another stupid, impractical design, that will sell “at most” a hundred or so.

These people need to be made to use what they design, then they may, just, realise that they are crap. As a concept as part of a marketing or design degree, I’d go with the idea, but actual marketing this thing. No.

Didi the Devil


RT @BicyclingMag: We hope to see Didi the Devil cheering again this #TdF. Here’s our interview with the man behind the pitchfork.

Le Tour just would not be the same without him.

The Cardboard Bike

The Cardboard Bike | Indiegogo flip.it/IxaGa

Yeah, that will take off. Really, it will!

As a long time cyclist is is sad to see some of the hip ‘designer’ aspects of the current cycling resurgence. If it is not impractical, overly expensive off the shelf Taiwanese builds in ‘hip’ colour schemes it is the technology for technologies sake ideas such as this.

Yes, bicycles have always attracted an element of bizarre ideas, and quite often are an obsession of individual engineers such as Alex Moulton, Clive Sinclair and many other more obscure individuals who make a life’s work of returning to ‘improving’ the bicycle, but most of these radical ideas don’t sell, or don’t even work beyond the specific needs of a tiny bunch of buyers. During my time in the cycle trade I saw countless radical ideas that only warranted a glance as they just did not fit any kind of need from my customers, and would never even be close to what a typical buyer would actually pay.

The bicycle does involve, and most of the evolution is driven by technological improvement, and almost certainly someone, somewhere has tried the idea before, often 80-100 years ago, but could not make it commercially viable because of the limits of technology at the time. The bicycle is the most efficient machine we have, and it is becoming more difficult to improve that efficiency but hiding behind the idea that a cardboard bike is more ‘sustainable’ or could revolutionise transport in developing countries is plainly stupid.

RT I want this.

“>RT @paniq: I want this. relaxshax.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/bike-c…


A guy in the UK had a similar idea, and frankly did a better job.

Successful Kickstarter

A good article on the anatomy of a successful Kickstarter project. tomsbiketrip.com/anatomy-of-a-s…

Bicycle “Design”

RT @JohnProlly: i.e. graphic designers “making” Taiwanese frames always have the saddles pointing down….

Saddle Angles

RT @JohnProlly: You can always tell how serious a cycling company is by the saddle angles in their catalog.

A mind-blowing descent

RT @velonews: Video: A mind-blowing descent of the Sea of Rock in the Austrian Alps ow.ly/frNXh

Raleigh’s TI Team Replica

Raleigh’s TI Team Replica prollyisnotprobably.com/2012/11/raleig… via @JohnProlly ~ I just think it is wrong, a bad copy.

Janapar: Love on a bike

Janapar: Love on a bike by Tom Allen — Kickstarter kck.st/TVTFVI via @kickstarter

#MagicRides ~ Dune and woodland single track

#MagicRides ~ Dune and woodland single track under magnificent sunset sky listening to Beethoven 9th, remix. Solace in solitude.

Bicymple. the bicycle, simplified

RT @bikerumor: .: Bicymple. the bicycle, simplified. flpbd.it/EgeD7

Looks fun, in a Unicycle way.

There is only one Graeme Obree

Buy it. Really. There is only one Graeme, and this book may just reveal the secret. http://t.co/2jYS06bo

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