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RT @dayoneapp: “The 30-second Habit with a Lifelong Impact” medium.com/@robynscott/th… @RobynScott

Why Journal and Why Day One?

RT @dayoneapp: Why Journal and Why Day One?

Responsible social media

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Now getting info back *out* of Day One needs to be done manually, and I’m still working on a best method to do this. It is actually easier to dump something into Twitter, and let a chain of automagical scripts place the item into various places for later editing.

IFTTT, for myself, but with a raft of editing needed afterwards to make sense of it all.

The Day One iOS 7 update

RT @dayoneapp: The Day One iOS 7 update will be available tomorrow afternoon! #approved Includes motion activity and step count tracking.

Problems with #DayOne

Horrible problems with #DayOneapp today, but I think I’ve finally overcome them without loss of data.

Good news @dayoneapp

Good news @dayoneapp. If Day One had tags now it would be #itching and my status would be #cantwaitforanupdate

I used my #leapsecond to post to #dayoneapp

I used my #leapsecond to post to #dayoneapp

DayOne update

DayOne update soon. Almost everything I’m waiting for in one go! – http://t.co/byP36JDt

Day One services menu

http://t.co/WOvkknjg Clever services menu workflow for desktop Day One users. If you use Dropbox, remember to edit the script.


I’m starting to take a weekly review, both of this site and of my diary, so I took a look into the archives and noted that is is around the middle of June 2009 I visited the subject here in the blog.














Not much has changed.

It has changed, almost constantly since 2009, it is just that it has full circled. MacJournal was just becoming important then, though I switched to Chonories, and back, in the meantime. Text collection is in DayOne, simply tweeting to myself as opposed to public Tweets, though Momento really started the current wave. I have tried all sorts of ways of making this happen, especially over a couple of desktop input points, but always fall back on the simplest, most reliable method. MacJournal has become the collection point with the public Tweets and blog posts coming back to archive there.

Frankly no one software application has all the features I need, so rather than overcomplicate things I’ve settled on two that work well, with a little bit of manual work to bring them together. If the guys at Momento could ever create a desktop application that synced as well as DayOne then I’d give it a try, but I’ve been waiting for a year and have still not seen any concrete evidence of this ever actually happening.

Now I need to make a decisive decision on notes.

Is this the end for DayOne, Momento and other diary apps?

WordPress, locked on view, time stamped by the machine, and cross platform?

Momento 2 released. Great new backup and export features. Happy as another piece of the workflow puzzle falls into place. #Momento

I can’t wait

Well, I guess I can, and I’m hoping it works out better than NoteLife.

I’m struggling with a couple of diary apps right now, trying to find the perfect one, or more to the point system, while knowing that MacJournal could be heading for the app store anytime now. It does seem an obvious choice to have a proper syncing journal/diary app on the iPhone/Touch, but nothing really matches up for me. Whoever gets this done properly and can scale up to the iPad will definitely have a winner, and frankly for me could have a killer app.

Momento looks, feels and works nicely on the iPhone, but lacks any kind of proper sync/backup solution. One is promised, but until it is delivered and can either work with MacJournal, or is a better solution than the MacJournal app it will be sidelined for my use. Right now I’m back to using Notebooks, as I need a solution outside of a diary application as well. Evernote should have fitted the bill, but in the early days the data transfer needed to make it happen while mobile killed any usability. I know this has now improved, but I’ve long since moved on, and there are rumblings of discontent in the apps store reviews about the last two versions crashing, not something I want to have happening with my important notes.

It looks like the wait goes on.


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Observation Station: Liverpool

All change. Again.

After a long, hard look at journalling, blogging and linking in the iPhone I’ve had to make a change again.


NoteLife, the app I was pinning my hopes on for making entries ‘on device’ is not living up-to expectations. I had a suspicion it would end up like this, the whole of the SOHO Organizer suite has always given me problems, though the current version 8 is the least buggy, is getting plenty of updates, and runs very well on the new iMac. Syncing between the two is the problem, partially due to the amount of information I want to keep in sync.

I wanted to use NoteLife as a giant Shovebox, keeping all the information I currently need to hand, including passwords etc in SplashID, and act as a notebook for my diary and other stuff that pops up everyday. In practice this is not working, NoteLife is buggy with encryption, and the amount of stuff I appear to be carrying about simply takes to long to sync across, and sometimes causes a crash during syncing that will either end up doubling all my entries, or losing the most recent from either database. As always this leaves two options, either I persevere, filing bug reports, contacting support and cleaning up the mess that results from failed syncing, or I look for alternatives.

I have chosen to look for alternatives, and maybe stupidly I’m pinning my hopes on another yet unreleased application, this time the iPhone companion to MacJournal, with another option of the yet unreleased Devon Think application for some of the more important information exchange later on.

Put simply it is back to Shovebox on the iPhone, and as a halfway house for info on the desktop, MacJournal for journaling and blogging, and I’m continuing to use Devon Think as my main document store. When the MacJournal app is available I’ll start to use it for direct journaling, and when Devon Think become available I can then take with me the major bits and pieces I need when out and about, Shovebox is filling in this role now, and with a little planning is working well.

Listening to: spacemusic.nl – Coffee Break: Christmas 2009



I can’t believe that it’s now over a month since I was last here. It’s not for the want of trying, I’m writing at least every two days, usually in the few minutes I get free, timed chunks that are uploaded on a daily basis.

The idea was to take these daily ‘posts’, archive them, and publish the bits that are the most interesting, leaving the original as ‘daily notes’. The plan is to use the iPhone to dump all sorts of info into this, then select out what needs to go where, publication, archives, notes etc Sadly the iPhone component of this work flow has not arrived yet, app store delays, so a work around has been struck that uses Blogger as the sync component to get stuff out of the iPhone, but as yet distributing the content back to it’s planned place is not happening, partly due to the complications of pulling stuff back from the ‘cloud’, and partly due to me being in a lazy phase at the moment.

I think I’ll be back on track soon, once I get over the problem of formatting content, then I’ll be able to concentrate on one blog once again.

Posted from Ecto (Yet another trial ‘fix’ for my workflow)

App Whore?

I guess this is what I am?


I’m constantly looking for newer, better, more functional, or plain cooler, and usually a desktop companion.

I guess I was a distro whore back in the day of “Linux on the Desktop (TM)”. Simply never satisfied. Difference is this time I’m lashing out on the apps.

Currently it is a Journal/Notes app I’m after, and while I thought I had found a couple of very suitable contenders I’ve decided to go back to an old friend on the desktop, and wait for a companion iPhone app, with a slightly clunky work around in the mean time.

I tried, and liked MacJournal, over a year ago, but settled on Journler because I wanted more of a filer aplication than just a journal, and it fitted the bill a little better. Since then development on Journeler has almost ceased, and with some must have features still way down the pipe I switched to Devon Think as my main file repository. This works well, inspite of Devon Think still being a beta, and the fact it misses some of the features I loved in Journelr, but I miss a general journal/diary.

This can be easily done in Devon Think, but I want to keep a diary separate to my main file store, much as I now keep my project management separate. So I’m back with the trial of MacJournal, and a hint of an iPhone version to come very soon. Everything can talk together, mainly using the Mac Services menu, but it is all a little kludgy.

I still don’t understand how after two iPhone versions, 2.0 last year, 3.0 this year, programs such as Entourage still don’t talk properly to the iPhone, and by properly I mean categories, tasks and notes. I’d still love to use an all in one application like Entourage, or even SoHo Organizer, but they either don’t work, don’t connect, or are outrageously expensive for an ordinary desktop user.

Positively happy.

Woke up this morning and decided that I’m just happy..

Don’t know why it just occurred this morning, or maybe just I don’t know why.

Maybe blogging makes me happy? Maybe history is peppered with happy people who wrote diary’s?
Is it the simple act of writing down your thoughts and experiences that gives you a release? Is it that I’m able to look back at preceding months and know what I was thinking or doing, and how it can be related to now? Do I ask too many questions?

The fact remains that right now, for several reasons I’m happy.

I know work is not one of those reasons, at the moment stress is not coming from the volume of work, so it is stress free(ish), but there is a heightened feeling of scrutiny from above, and good reason to know it is real, and not imagined. Still, maybe if I don’t think about it I can’t find anything to cloud my horizons. Just keep my head down and work to the best of my ability.

No. I think I’m happy that some of my big projects are coming together, and are relatively on schedule, and I’ve reached the point where I can plan another set, big and small. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a huge amount of work to do at home, and I still feel I’m crashing on the sofa without making any headway on anything.

Another reason is that I’m beginning to write things down, not just as a blog, but actively using task lists. Maybe the blog acts as a method to tie jobs together and kinda finalise them? Maybe having a clear list of goals and objectives, and a record of progress, is the thing? I really don’t know, and I’ve never worked in a corporate environment that uses these methods, I’m usually the first to stand up and say ‘bullshit’. In the end its all about being happy, with your work, or your personal life, whatever.

Another reason is that I finally appear to be happy with my choices for my computing experiences. Mac is No.1, Ubuntu No.2.

That has been a long hard fight, and maybe there is more to go. Both still excite me. Both still provide me with ‘wow’ moments. Both still provide a challenge, both with differing reasons, and both provide me with a sense of place. Both still, for me, make me question any other way of doing things, and I’ll stand by both choices, but most importantly both now appear to be able to make me more productive in the things I want to do, and need to get done.

Whatever the reasons are, today I just feel happy.

Long time, no posts….

Not that I meant too, it’s just been that way. I suppose the bombings in London just reminded me how frail we all are, and that in a moment all this could be gone.

How long would a blog remain if I stopped, for whatever reason, tomorrow? Its not exactly like a paper diary is it. I suppose it would remain online until the next hosting payment became due, a little less than a year?

I know this blog is little more than my personal diary, but, like the modern phenomenon of mobile phones ringing forlornly after any major tragedy involving fatalities, how many dead links and forgotten blogs lie around the net because of personal tragedy?

Like many others yesterdays events give you that little pang of grief, and the remainders of your own frailty, and, thank God, makes you value your own life that little more.

My thoughts are with those affected, in ALL incidents where innocent lives are take in the misguided quests for idealism or power.

1 year on..

Oh, I almost forgot..

Happy Birthday Blog…

You are 1 today…

and Linux has finally become one for me…

1 year from the start and its one…nice

Happy Birthday

…one week later.

Didn’t quite leave it a week did I.

I am surrounded by failing domestic machinery though…..

My printer will also be on the fail list by tomorrow night, got to do a print run of 500 double sided sheets, start shopping for a new one soon I think, but will now consider a laser and a photo inkjet, mmmm…wish-list.

Still not made a Return to Linux, too many other things going on right now, although I am determined to get a proper system set up, sooner rather than later if possible, still mulling over ideas for a west-lancs portal thingy, how come I only get the really good ideas when I’m miles from a computer or paper. I really need to list and prioritise all these little things, then stick to them.

Off now to see if anything else electrical has failed this evening….

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