How about not killing whales?

RT @Queen_UK: How about not killing whales, you absolute sodding morons? bbc.co.uk/news/world-asi…

What if you drained the oceans?

RT @toffringa: ūüėÄ ‚Äú@jilleborg: Wat als je de oceanen leeg zou laten lopen vanuit het diepste punt op aarde? what-if.xkcd.com/53/‚ÄĚ

Please keep your promises

Dear @TheCooperative & @CooperativeFood. Please #keepyourpromises on chicken welfare goo.gl/SOAGgm Don’t not forget your ideals.

In search of lost growth

RT @jurieongames: In search of lost growth. RT @Zgur_: A la recherche de la croissance perdue (à jamais) : http://t.co/6h6qm03nNW


We are all just consumers.

Urban Planning

Not sure if this is ‘solved’ at any level, in any Western society. mobile.nytimes.com/2013/12/14/opi‚Ķ

At a local, provincial UK town level it certainly hasn’t, even where the town ‘was’ famed for its shopping, and at an even more local level in what is an excellent ‘village’ centre there are difficulties.

To be fair, we haven’t the problem of big multi nationals taking over, and providing everything ‘in house’ thereby killing off the local culture either through rent increases, or expansion. We have the problem of nationals taking over, and killing the local culture though, and the stupid ‘out of town’ development that suck the life out of town centres, and that don’t even replace some of the local diversity while doing this.

I don’t suppose there are any easy answers, or any quick-fixes beyond more involvement by local council, even if this is just finding a way to say no, or a yes, but

Fish is food not rubbish!

Fish is food not rubbish! Don’t scuttle the discards ban on Monday. @simoncoveney @hughsfishfight PLEASE RT #fishfight

Les poissons

Les poissons= nourriture, pas ordure! Ne sabordez pas l’interdiction des rejets en mer ce lundi! @Bruno_LeMaire #fishfight


Nice attempt at a viral, but the towers are too cute! The bad guy is likeable, & I’m feeling sorry for them. http://t.co/vK8z86iV

Infinite Loop?

I understand that electric vehicles have a future, but that future is not yet practical for many car buyers.

Leaf Fail

























If I understand this correctly the Leaf has a range of 110 miles, and most of the population of the UK are no more than 50 miles from a rapid charger that can pump the battery up to 80% capacity, or 88 miles range, in 30 minutes.

What proportion of the UK population would be in an infinite loop returning to have their battery charged?

Old-Maps – the online repository of historic maps – home page


Oh no. Another distraction.

http://nyti.ms/exvXqE – Japan before and after interactive satellite photos.

Check out this website I found at google.co.uk


Power monitor

My Wattson has been refusing to connect to the Holmes software for a couple of tries now, so I had another go today. No joy, but I have worked out that most of the time just trying to connect is freezing the Wattson, often just by connecting the cable and launching the software.

I’ve tried the reset button, in fact this is the only way to sort the ‘hangs’ on the device, and I know that I’ve got some data loss now, not that it really matters if I can’t get the data out of the device anyway! I guess I’ll contact support, but it may now be relegated to a rather pretty usage light-show.

I don’t know about Windows, but the Mac version of the Holmes software is pretty dire, runs on Projecter, but it is slow and often freezes. Bizarrely just connecting the device often brings up a Bluetooth connection dialogue, it is USB, and trying to disconnect, or deal with the Bluetooth connection dialogue often hangs the whole thing. I’ve fed back the info to DIY Kyoto, but even though it is a premium device I don’t see them updating the software/firmware anytime soon.

It’s a shame, I bought the device at a premium over other options because it was the only one that came with a software connection, and offered Mac compatibility at that, and it also offered to work with my Economy 7 tariff. Still today there does not seem to be anything else that offers both, though there are a couple of nice monitors at about half the price of a Wattson. Current Cost (with Pachube) seems the most interesting to me, and if I can’t get a fix from DIY Kyoto I may invest when I get a little spare cash.

There is one wildcard now though, Meters, an iPhone app, is a whole lot better at actually working out real costs, and is easier than a spreadsheet to use. Devices like the Wattson are great at showing what you have/are using, but despite their best attempts can only ever approximate your actual costs from the meter reading, but a combination of the two methods would seem to be the most accurate method of getting a proper idea of what you are using, and how much it costs, that is until the utilities companies actually pull their fingers out and provide proper smartmeters, something I doubt will happen straight away. They just replaced my meter because it was 10 years old, so I won’t be getting a replacement until 2019 on that basis.

Listened to: 23/11/2009 GROOVE CAFE Special Groove on, Earth! & Nouvelle Vague from the album “Groovecafe Aperitif The Chillout Experience” by Cristian Trouble J.


Just over a year ago I published a post about my experience of one of the worst earth tremors in the UK for many years. At the time I noted how odd it was, initially almost as if there was someone in the room with me, but after a few seconds I realised that I was experiencing an earthquake, and within a few more minutes news was hitting the net.

Last night at¬†approx.¬†2:30 AM I was woken by a very¬†similar¬†experience. I’d only been asleep for around 30 minutes or so, but woke to the feeling of the bed vibrating very slightly in a steady¬†rhythmic¬†way. There was no other movement in the room, or any sounds whatsoever. This continued for around a minute or so, and I remember thinking “this must be another¬†tremor, and is exactly how my Mum described her¬†experience¬†last year”. I made a note to check today if there were any reports of anything in the morning.

My surprise came this morning with the news of a¬†terrible¬†earthquake in Italy that had killed many people. Initially I thought that this was just an odd coincidence¬†because¬†the first¬†reports¬†were that this¬†occurred¬†at 1:30 BST, a full hour before I had felt anything, but this was later corrected to 3:30 AM local time, 1:30 GMT. This makes it 2:30 BST, exactly the time I felt ‘something’.

I’m not normally sensitive, though I do like to consider myself ‘in tune’ with my natural surroundings, but is this possible? Could I have felt an earthquake taking place 1000km away at¬†precisely¬†the same time, and be the only one noting this?

When I told my wife she¬†immediately¬†said that she’d had to clean up a lot of soot from the disused¬†chimney¬†in our bedroom, it is blocked at the lower end, with a fine mesh air vent fitted, but not fully capped at the top. Could this have been a bird trapped later in the day, or is it related?

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