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Summer solstice celebrated in Google doodle gu.com/p/3gmtn/tw via @guardian ~ More strange to me is that I can plainly read Google!

I even drew the semi-circles on a piece of paper and could still plainly see Google.

Google Drive and Mountain Lion

They just don’t get on if you use Glimmerblocker.

I noticed this problem on day one of the install, though bizarrely it worked on the ‘upgrade’ version, but not on the clean install. Searching at the time did not produce a result, but there is this small thread at http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/drive/kCQKLUMMcQg now.
The quick fix is to disable Glimmerblocker, though it is not something I want to do, but having all my work documents missing is not an option I want either.
What has surprised me is the lack of clamour this has caused, so I assume I’m very much in the minority using Glimmer, or any other proxy. It is either that or Google Drive is not that popular.
I’m hoping for a quick fix, but I won’t hold my breath for Google, the people who said repeating tasks were “coming soon” to Google Tasks over a year ago.


Better Google Tasks Logo


We switched to Google apps at work, and I was looking forwards to being able to use gTasks within the whole Google Apps framework. Sadly it is not really worth the effort, repeating tasks were promised during 2011, and three months into 2012 there is no word about when they will become available.

Much of the rest of the suite is pretty usable, within an expanded intranet framework, but I’m very disappointed that the Google machine can’t produce a working task application. For the time being I’m sticking with Toodledo, though I am attempting to see if gTasks HD works out on the iPhone.

This is a little work around to bring the Toodledo interface into Google.

This is for anyone who is debating on which to use – I myself had wanted to use GTasks just so I could have tasks and events all inside my calendar screen… Once I got it through 2.0 I really hated GTasks versus Toodledo and all its features. GTasks is limited in what it will let you set online, no context, folder use is clunky at best, tags non existent so i switched back to toodledo.

Then poking around Toodledo I found that using Google Apps, they have a lab feature that let’s toodledo replace GTasks in the Google Calendar window so Toodledo will show up right in your Google Calendar window where GTasks would normally go. A perfect solution to GTasks with all the Toodledo features.

Just thought I’d add this in case someone else was experiencing the same thing…

Can find it inside Toodledo here http://www.toodledo.com/tools/index.php

Google Reader

“@kennethreitz: Re: Google Reader open source thingy — let’s do this: http://t.co/Nam9tNBA” Let’s face it, everyone needs a backup plan!

I’ve got several apps riding on top of Google’s Reader platform, so I really hope the coming changes enhance this rather than damage it.

I use Reeder daily on my desktop and iPhone, and it is a brilliant piece of software which I don’t want to loose. An open source version that works exactly how Reader works now would be very welcome if Google does break it.

Twitter edit 23/10/11

The Buzz

Google Buzz Logo

Just activated on my account, but I’m not sure yet. Like Wave it is not straight forwards in use, and as often happens on the net things that are ‘manufactured’ don’t always gain the popularity of more spontaneous products.

Nice article on the BBC about Buzz, but I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve tested things out.

All a bit ironic that on the day I make a plugin work for Twitter, and I finally ‘get’ how I could use it as part of my diary/blogging habit, Google go and release a similar system.

I’ll revisit things in a few days when I’ve had chance to poke things a bit.

Is Google losing the love?

Hot on the heels of service outage, spam breakthrough?

Anyone else notice the increased amount of spam making it through to their inbox in Googlemail?
I’m get in 2-3 per day now, up from virtually zero only weeks ago, though nothing compared to the 2-300 that Google does catch per day due to the need to have postmaster accounts on domains I manage/own. Just why the change? Is it because I rarely visit the web interface to physically “teach” the system? or have the slimy spammers worked out a way around Google?

Blogger out again?

I seem to be suffering from a series of outages on Blogger. Anyone else having the same?

I’m going through a period where I’m questioning my whole blogging ‘thing’, and having Blogger drop on me is not helping things.

It is not like I’ve nothing to blog about, though my ‘Linux’ phase is well and truly over now, I just want to keep an archive what I’ve done, and bring it all into a different type of ‘container’.

I guess when I get the time I’ll start to do something, so for now the blogging continues, when Blogger.com actually lets me…

Google Reader For S60 Revamped

Google Reader For S60 Revamped � The Symbian Blog

Hot on the heels of the iPhone version….
Works perfectly in the built in S60 browser, though the iPhone version does also work almost 100%. Shame it does not work for the Opera Mini browser, it just defaults to the older ‘classic’ view, but then the iPhone version does not work properly in Opera either.
New, and very welcome, is tags and notes in Reader too. I’ll have to play around with this for a while now.

Google down?

Has Google had it’s biggest outage ever today, or was it just me who wanted to use a few of it’s services all at once this morning, and could not access any of them?

I guess it’s the problem with ‘cloud’ computing!

3 points of weakness.
  1. Your connection.
  2. Their server.
  3. Anything in between the two…
In the end this is where it will really fail as a pure idea, the real idea is to have data ‘sync’, maybe with a cloud in the middle as a controller, but local copies of your data are still available in the case of a loss of connection, the system taking care of sorting out what has changed when a service is resumed. Apple’s revamped .Mac service, MobileMe, works on this principle, and to me appears to be a more viable option long than the current Google service.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m heavily reliant on Google, and not because I have to be, I choose which of their services to use based on merit, and use others where they are better suited to my usage. Yes, I’d love one ‘provider’ to give me everything for ease of use, but is it the best way to go? Ok, big outages at Google are rare, and my net connection is far more stable than it used to be, I honestly don’t now remember when it was last out, but problems like this are never going to go away, and in the case of smaller software providers are likely to be more frequent.
The ‘problem’ at the moment for Google and it’s services is that it relies heavily on 3rd parties making use of it’s API’s, or even worse, simple hacks to make things work. Great for geeks, but does this appeal to a mass market, and is it ideal when it relies on so many potential points of weakness? Time will tell of course, and it would be interesting to see wether Google do go along the route of ‘proper’ software applications that talk together, or are they like Apple, and playing the waiting game to see how Android and mobile access pan out before deciding on certain future directions.
It appears to be working for Apple, so will they, and other big players follow suit?

iPhone Google Reader On S60

iPhone Google Reader Is Awesome On S60!

I can confirm it is pretty good, both in the S60 Webkit browser, and in the latest Opera Mini 4.

Both have their little oddities, and I can’t confirm how well it might work on an iPhone, but either way it is much, much better than the older ‘normal’ mobile version of Reader. I spend at least 95% of my Reader usage in the N95 browser, and I do use it for around an hour a day, sometimes more, so this is a very welcome improvement to what was already a valuable service for me.

Check it out on this link.

GrrrrMail IMAP

Not Happy.. well I am now, but I’m not..

You’ll see what I mean.

Ever since Google announced Gmail was going to be available via IMAP (THE one HUGE announcement I’ve been waiting for, BIGGER than Leopard, almost..) I’ve been anxiously checking my settings tab to enable my account.

Nada, zilch. Nothing for days…

Nothing on forums. It’s all been “just wait”.

And still nothing until today. Checking for more info, again, I found this on Short Sighted Sid, and it is correct. It was possibly there all along, it’s just I can’t see it ‘cos I’m in th UK and have my account set up correctly. The instructions were to enable the account, then follow setup on the client. How annoying is that?

Now I can get set up.. but, c’mon Google, we aren’t all Americans!

Gmail IMAP

Gmail IMAP

My account is not yet enabled, but this is just the best news I’ve had in a long while.

Roll on my Leopard install with all new mail + IMAP gmail.

And when did that happen? My storage has suddenly gone up from 2.8gb to 4.3gb. Even the official page still says 2.8!

Take over the world

Think I,m going to go buy shares in Google. Just signed up to Gmail and pulled up this little link of OSnews.

Are they trying to take over the world?

They can start by taking over some of my spam, its running at around 70-80% these days……

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