The Hit List for iPad is announced

Well, The Hit List for iPad is announced ‘this year’, that and Momento.. maybe it is like 2011 after all, or was it 2010?

My God, there wi

Mindmapping meets GTD meets spreadsheets…

flip.it/NjNis Intriguing idea, but maybe too late for me.



This really does look like an interesting app. I sense killer app.
I have been there many times before, and it is always the ‘next big thing’ I’m waiting for, but if this pans out like the demo it is a winner.
Due in the UK app store in the fall, with iPhone and Mac apps to follow, but available now in the US for the iPad I’m watching this like a hawk.
This finally looks like Evernote has a real competitor, without the cloud part. 

Change Tack

I start to look at a solution, and they change tack! http://t.co/Y9q8AL6y

Immersed in #Nozbe

Immersed in #Nozbe Expensive, but it has the edge that I can’t get anywhere else right now. I wish I’d found this 6 months ago.

Pocket Informant

http://t.co/cB4blaZ8 Pocket Informant for the desktop! Almost, for now, but it has opened up the possibilities!


For the first time ever I seem to be able to stay on top of my tasks and calendar from wherever I am.

Clever software, ‘the cloud’, and internet everywhere is the glue, though the workflow is not simple it does work.
The clever bit is down to Google finally getting CalDav, and Remember the Milk.
MobileMe which promised this capability does not even get a look in!
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Thinking and Things

Ok, I tried to make it work, and failed miserably.

“It” is SOHO Organizer.
On the plus side, it is a really good iCal replacement, but it is badly let down by poor programming, and terrible community support (I.e. non). Notes is excellent, and almost perfect, the crappy programming is less likely to rear it’s head here, it did work almost perfectly for me, my only gripes were that it uses a database to store data, and much like Entourage, Time Machine is not going to be it’s best friend.
SOHO Organizer has now been uninstalled, I gave it a second chance, but anything that is going to mess with my data, or at least prevent access to it, has got to go. Notes went along with it, and I’ve reverted to using Journler to store my documents, receipts, notes and archived data. I still miss some of the features available in SOHO Notes, but some are promised to make an appearance in Journler with the next version, and some can be worked around with other applications.
This left the hole left by Organizer for controlling my tasks (forget calendars for the moment, I can manage with iCal for this, at least until something better comes along that talks to Sync Services). Tasks are where it is really at for me, and improving my haphazard methods of dealing with them is my current nirvana.
So entered Things. A neat little app still in beta that has just been updated to include iCal syncing, and Sync Services. I’ve looked at this before, and made a mental note to keep an eye on development. That development has now paid off, and Things is really wowing me with it’s abilities. For the first time I actually feel in control of my tasks, without being clouded by ‘next’ items or things that are not important at the moment.
Congratulations to the developers on this one, and I’ll be first to buy when you hit version 1.0.
From the one app fits all things approach of Entourage and SOHO Organizer I’ve turned full circle with a hotch potch of apps to do the jobs instead. Luckily Apple have more or less got things to talk to each other and so I’ve maybe got the better deal, though working out your own workflow is not always easy, and the fact that a couple of the apps are still in beta is a small worry. The quality of some of these apps is quite stunning, and providing there are no backward steps they should have a rosy future.
My GTD workflow now consists of:
  • iCal for calendering.
  • Journler for storing all my notes, files etc.
  • Things for tasking in a proper GTD environment.
  • Evernote for basic notes that give me a ‘mobile’ gathering/syncing option.
  • Handy Calendar on the N95 for the mobile functions.
Notes can be gathered from the desktop, N95 or via Evernote. Tasks can be raised from the N95, iCal, Mail or Journler, then synced to Things where they can be sorted, prioritised and synced back to iCal for access in other apps devices etc. Some of it is a little more manual than an all in one app, but in the end they all Get Things DONE.
A couple of other apps that also look attractive and are along the same lines are Ntractive and Nighthawk. I’m watching both, but development appears to be slow, though the iPhone appears to be the cause of a lot of hold-ups in software development at the moment!

Been a while…

But then the weather has been great, and the jobs to do list never gets any smaller unless you tackle it!

Wild Garlic

So that is what I’ve been doing, though why is it when you make a determined effort to get through some of your to-do list it always ends up growing by at least a proportional amount to the tasks you clear?

Still, I’ve started some of the summers major tasks, and I’m part way through some additional ideas too. More to come though I guess.

Why To-Do Lists Often Fail and How to Fix Them…

PocketMac Monthly: Why To-Do Lists Often Fail and How to Fix Them…

I’m adopting this system right now… in both my personal life, and at work. Of course work will be more difficult to accomplish, mainly due to the manic headless chicken-no time to think environment, but at least I’ll give it a try.

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