Glitter cannon

RT @mental_floss: A 10-Year-Old Girl Made Herself a Prosthetic Arm That Doubles as a Glitter Cannon — bit.ly/1qbdpHd https://t.co/dY8YbuLtsF


The iPhone SE is:- Small- Fast…

And mine!!

RT @internetofshit: iPhone SE is:
– Small
– Fast
– Well priced ($399)
– Looks like iPhone 5

tl;dr buy it if you like small phones not large ones

Latest VR set

RT @KBsGameTOILET: “GameToiletVR” -Big End of #GDC16 reveal for the latest VR set to shit on #oculusVR & #sonyvr #yourSlackJawWillDrop https://t.co/dR7XaFO6X8


Say hello to this snazzy new smart…

RT @giffgaff: Say hello to this snazzy new smart mirror. Now you can check the weather while you check your hair. giff.ly/1nRRnIj

The IOT. If I could find the time to pull together half the ideas that flash by.

Windows 8point1

One half of the experience has been good, the other, well, not even not so good.

I’d be extremely disappointed if I owned an RT device right now, though I hear good things about WinPhone 8.

Judging by my experience iOS7 has no competition here, yet, but does seem to have an increasing amount of competition from Android, though my own experiments in Android are not exactly favourable.

Ultimately I do just want a device, and resulting workflow, that just gets the job done.

I’m also learning the art of Sketchnoting!

I just backed iSketchnote: from pen and paper.

I just backed iSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad! on @kickstarter kck.st/16gJmjv

1993 vs 2013

1993 called, and wants its devices back!

To be fair most of this was possible ten years back, but was equally geeky then. At least the iPhone started off the acceptable face of converged technology.

RT @ballance: 1993 vs 2013 (from teh reddits)

HTC thinks a second tiny phone is the answer

RT @verge: HTC thinks a second tiny phone is the answer to your oversized smartphone complaints flip.it/8dsUk ~

Oh, FFS, why? Has this never been tried before? Palm Folio anyone?

It won’t work, most people don’t even sync there devices as it is, and if you want a small phone you’d get a small phone, if you want a phablet, get one.

Just buy what is suitable for your needs.


Unresponsive home button?

RT @CNET: 4 ways to fix an unresponsive iPhone home button http://t.co/K8Z7s3he
1 & 2 always fix it for me.

Smart toaster

“@sylvia_ritter: Jamy, A Weather Forecasting Smart Toaster… awww 🙂 http://t.co/ewLDSuOU”

One slot? Doomed to fail.

We have to offer a smartphone

HP boss Whitman: ‘We have to offer a smartphone’ http://t.co/VxEvKPCd

Err, you already have one. Oh, hang on…

Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

RT @engadget: The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine: paper sketchbooks and journals – http://t.co/J6LTC1oc

Paper is not dead yet!

Vizio reboots the PC?

Vizio reboots the PC: a quiet American success story takes on sleeping giants | The Verge http://t.co/CE7f0YnD
~Apple, watch out?

Leaked News, Instagram

RT @picturecorrect: Leaked News About Instagram: Photography May Never Be The Same http://t.co/OJKkDQJf 

Been given the Tablet?

Every once in a while something happens that changes your life, and this week that has happened.

After spending some time with an Android powered tablet, and being totally underwhelmed with it, and the application set, I’ve invested in an iPad. If nothing else the AndyPad showed me the possibilities a tablet offered, even if I was totally frustrated with the experience that I had with the device, and the applications I had running on it.

I’m not anti Android, but can only liken the experience to that I had with Linux, that is everything just seems to take that little extra work to actually gain anything really useful from it, and ten years ago I would have been happy to have taken that option and made it work, but now there is really only one sensible choice to fit into my busy life, and that is to use the iPad and the iOS ecosystem. (Windows Phone/Tablet and Windows 8/Metro may offer another option, but it has a long way to go, if it can avoid the impending car crash it appears to be heading for. I really have no experience with these devices, and they appear to be as rare as hens teeth in the real world.)

I know it is a cliche, but “Game changer” does sum it up, though I’d prefer to view it as my “iPad revolution”, the closest comparison being buying a Treo 600 many years ago, and the resulting changes that brought to my personal life. The iPhone only updated that experience, and I still miss some of the built in connectivity the Palm brought, but iCloud and clever applications are narrowing that gap all the time.

This is the key to the usefulness of the iPad, the device itself is only a big iPhone, but the extra screen real estate, and the connectivity the software running on it are vitally important to its usefulness. Much like the ill fated Palm Folio idea my iPhone now appears to be as much of an extension to the iPad as it was to the desktop, and the iPad itself is an extension to the desktop, but they both work equally well without the other.

It is early days yet, both for me, and iCloud, the glue that is primarily behind much of what the iOS experience will offer, but there is so much to be impressed with right now, and happily nothing that makes me regret the the expenditure.

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http://t.co/mC29kDGM It’s all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m. I’ve got to get one, and I’ve not worn a watch in years!

I have kickstarted on this, it is the perfect watch for me. I was only looking for a decent vintage watch the other day, but this ticked all the boxes on looks and functionality.

I’m looking forwards to taking delivery in September, and the SDK should hit before then, but I’m really hoping that some of the iOS app developers also get behind it.

Edit: @ 15/04 Kickstarter funds stand at an incredible:





Finally, HP 6500A drivers

Finally the HP drivers are available for my 6500A on OSX 10.7.

How may months since Lion was released?

New LomoKino will create Lomo movies

New LomoKino will create Lomo movies.

But “why”?

Ok, while I appreciate retro to a degree I’d be more inclined to appreciate a classic, though the price for this is OK, but for anyone who wants to create a 30-50 second movie surely they would use the movie option on your standard camera, or one of the many smartphone apps available?

I don’t actually know what film costs now, or the cost of developing a roll, even where you can get this done other than sending it away now, but in this day and age of disposable media how may people would go for, lets say £5, for a bit less than a minute of film?

I used an original Lomo back in the mid eighties, it may even still be among my parent’s possessions, but I really can’t see why I should want to use it now with the availability of so much easy post-processing software, and the ease of carrying a camera that is so much better at being a camera.

I guess it still applies, the best camera is the one you have with you, and the talent is behind the camera, not in it.


Just when I get my ADSL2+ connection running I find where my FTTC cabinet should be! {LCAIN}{p6}. Going to have to go for some walks!

See. Cross platform

myWPEdit Image








As we are now on the AndyPad. More work to get here, yes, but a more compatible platform?

Almost certainly, though is it going to be worth the effort, and how well will it work online?

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