The fastest object on earth

RT @zarawesome: the tale of the fastest object on earth quora.com/What-is-the-fa…

‘I need a drink’

‘I need a drink’: British woman lands in Sydney after 21,000km flight in vintage biplane | – theguardian.com theguardian.com/australia-news…

Deep Coal

RT @AmyMurphyPA: In the next few minutes, the UK’s last ever miners will clock off here for the final time #KellingleyColliery https://t.co/4IzfNZ35y5


A sad moment, and close to my heart. I know we still have ‘mines’, but it appears we are so ‘anti’ coal now despite millions of tons of the stuff being in the ground. I’m all for renewables, and a reduction in pollution, but they are not the whole answer, and I still think that CO2, and with it all the complex taxation/rules, is not the bad boy.

I may in a minority though.

I found my #FirstTweet

I found my #FirstTweet: twitter.com/Cotter_Pin/sta…. What was yours? first-tweets.com

It’s Friday! And we’re as excited as…

RT @camerabag: It’s Friday! And we’re as excited as these children at a Parisian puppet show: life.time.com/ipad-app/news/…

The headline photo really caught my attention. The different emotions visible, for the same moment in the performance.

Children watch the story of "Saint George and the Dragon" at an outdoor puppet theater in Paris, 1963 Life Magazine

Children watch the story of “Saint George and the Dragon” at an outdoor puppet theater in Paris, 1963. Life Magazine

From the archives

From the archives.

Listening to Jon and Vangelis. #perfectday.

Someone has way too much spare time!

RT @mrdoob: Someone has way too much spare time. i.imgur.com/I0MAPEk.png

Wearable Computers 1992

How wide of the mark were they?

Lego celebrates its history

Lego celebrates its history with an animated short. http://t.co/Y1Fzebca

Apple Tablets. The long road to the iPad

Fantastic stuff along the way. Is the iPad really so ‘new’?

When has a ‘computer’ company taken so long to get to market with a product, and produced such fantastic looking products along the way?

I was surprised to see so much good stuff in this list, things that were totally ground breaking, and so ahead of there time. Apple may produce some desirable products now, but some of these concepts would have been killers, some may be killers even today given the advancements along the way with what can be done with the hardware.

Got to say I ‘really‘ want an iPad now!

Interesting links

I had this link sent to me today after I had a conversation with an old cycling friend.

Our discussion was based on the changes to cycling equipment, and how one company who no-one looked twice at in 1982 now dominates the market.
I’ve worked in the cycle trade on/off for over 10 years of my working life so understood the reasons for this change taking place, but this was a great article to read explaining the rise and fall of one company along the way.
Things have changed a lot in the trade since I left it 10 years ago to, but mostly with the consolidation of some older companies/brand names. The technology has hardly moved on in this time.
From the index link there are some interesting articles on one or two subjects, and if you ask me, yes the British did ‘invent’ the mountain bike, it is just a shame that skint British 13 year old boys are never in a position to bring the idea to market in the same way as the Americans can, be it in 1958, or as my circle of friends did in 1979-80!

Me and Mine

In 1990 my paternal grandmother completed a short history of her life, and I’ve always loved to read this document. I suppose it gives me a sense of purpose or history, and it may well explain a lot of who I am, and even why I blog.

I recently uncovered a copy of this document, typed up by my cousin Karen around the time of my grandmothers death, and I’ve finally got around to scanning it onto the computer and doing a little tidying up.

So here it is, Me and Mine, written by my grandmother, a very religious lady, as are the rest of my family, except the black sheep here, and someone who had great faith in her beliefs.

Far too many years late this is my little homage to her.

Me and Mine

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