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Stamp of approval: Dropbox buys popular e-mail app Mailbox flip.it/J0oCA

MailboxLogo+Wordmark_Vertical_BLUE~ Wow, didn’t see that coming, but it looks good news.

Mailbox has been one of those revolutionary apps that just occasionally come along and change the way you do things. I’m actually now relying on this totally for work related stuff ‘out of hours’, and to a great extent ‘during hours’ too, setting up some filters should actually be all I need to do to make this a complete experience.

The arrival of this app has been at the right time as I’m trying to separate the work/home thing as it has become too blurred lately, but separate access points helps even when I can’t separate the time applied to each action. I guess that this is all tied to the permanent life quest I seem to have embarked on to find the perfect task management system, which currently is evolved into the two separate systems for work and home.

The Mailbox story seems to have evolved from similar roots, though I didn’t care for Orchestra all that much when I looked at it as part of my quest, but they hit the spot with Mailbox, and I would hope that Dropbox can only improve this rather than the usual embrace, extend and destroy that Microsoft and, latterly, Google have embarked upon.

It has been a sad week for ‘cloud’ services, and a wake up call for many that some of these services do leave a big hole when they are switched off, or can’t cope with demand. Please don’t let Mailbox go in the same direction.


I finally see the Ubuntu vision, and I quite like it to be honest. Could they do what Android has so far failed to do, that is provide a full, seamless desktop/mobile platform?

Even elements of this vision beat Apple, I still don’t understand why there is no iOS for desktops that stays in sync across all your devices via iCloud. I know it would eat into software sales somewhere, but just thing that everything that you’d want across every desktop without using iTunes or other services.

I can dream.  


RT @webis_mobile: Going to try PI3 on my Mac flip.it/ahcR6 ~ This is how I said iOS should be able to run. Is it Android for me next time hardware comes up for renewal?

I seriously doubt I would want to run Android right now, but will admit that the Galaxy Note would be a serious temptation for work. It will really depend on how things now change over the next couple of years or so, and if Apple really take the que from Bluestacks and do what they should have done from the outset, produce a player that runs on Win and Mac that exactly replicates a tablet, bringing all the App Store to any desktop, that then runs exactly in sync via iCloud.
They almost certainly won’t do it, they are too precious of iPad sales to risk letting it happen on Windows tablets, but I’d like to think they would, and if it was kept off the Win RT version maybe the could do this. 

4 ways to fix an unresponsive iPhone home button

RT @CNET: 4 ways to fix an unresponsive iPhone home button flpbd.it/yscJk
Option 1 and 2 work for me.

iOS 6 Maps might be hazardous …

iOS 6 Maps might be hazardous to your health http://t.co/nZOvZ18q

Flag mail in iOS 6

By default iOS 6 no longer flags mail on non-iCloud accounts, but there does appear to be a fix:

This iOS6 bug appears on your Gmail Exchange account if you don’t have the domain set in account settings.

1) Go to Settings
2) Select Mail, Contacts and Calendars
3) Select the GMail account
4) Select the account at the top of the screen (your GMail address)
5) The Domain field should contain either Google or gmail.com
(google.com will not work)
6) The Username field should contain your whole email address

This worked for me with both my Google and Google apps accounts, but it is still frustrating when something that worked suddenly stops. This upgrade has not gone as smooth as it should.


I’m still pinning a lot of hope on the release of #Projectbook
It just looks as though it would fit perfectly.
When is the Fall exactly?

Good news @dayoneapp

Good news @dayoneapp. If Day One had tags now it would be #itching and my status would be #cantwaitforanupdate

RT @cultofmac: 4 Questions For Siri

RT @cultofmac: 4 Questions For Siri http://t.co/nMgQn8Mj

My only question for Siri is “What is the point of Siri?”

A Better Way To Edit Text?

A Better Way To Edit Text On The iPad? http://t.co/P7F8n9Nc – I like this, a lot, going to have to tell Apple too.

I saw this mentioned on another blog, where It was suggested this was a useless hack, simply adding arrow keys would produce a better alternative. 

I have to disagree, this is much better than arrow keys, but yes, arrow keys are better than nothing.

The original idea has already been implemented for jailbroken iOS device, not that I’m ready to take that step again, though I could list it as a reason to go back to a jailbroken device. I’ve also read that Apple may not incorporate this because multi-touch gestures on iOS work system wide, and how would this work with text on apps without a keyboard input? 

I agree, but still think it would be worth adding, though maybe just for keyboard enabled apps.

Been given the Tablet?

Every once in a while something happens that changes your life, and this week that has happened.

After spending some time with an Android powered tablet, and being totally underwhelmed with it, and the application set, I’ve invested in an iPad. If nothing else the AndyPad showed me the possibilities a tablet offered, even if I was totally frustrated with the experience that I had with the device, and the applications I had running on it.

I’m not anti Android, but can only liken the experience to that I had with Linux, that is everything just seems to take that little extra work to actually gain anything really useful from it, and ten years ago I would have been happy to have taken that option and made it work, but now there is really only one sensible choice to fit into my busy life, and that is to use the iPad and the iOS ecosystem. (Windows Phone/Tablet and Windows 8/Metro may offer another option, but it has a long way to go, if it can avoid the impending car crash it appears to be heading for. I really have no experience with these devices, and they appear to be as rare as hens teeth in the real world.)

I know it is a cliche, but “Game changer” does sum it up, though I’d prefer to view it as my “iPad revolution”, the closest comparison being buying a Treo 600 many years ago, and the resulting changes that brought to my personal life. The iPhone only updated that experience, and I still miss some of the built in connectivity the Palm brought, but iCloud and clever applications are narrowing that gap all the time.

This is the key to the usefulness of the iPad, the device itself is only a big iPhone, but the extra screen real estate, and the connectivity the software running on it are vitally important to its usefulness. Much like the ill fated Palm Folio idea my iPhone now appears to be as much of an extension to the iPad as it was to the desktop, and the iPad itself is an extension to the desktop, but they both work equally well without the other.

It is early days yet, both for me, and iCloud, the glue that is primarily behind much of what the iOS experience will offer, but there is so much to be impressed with right now, and happily nothing that makes me regret the the expenditure.

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I can confirm that…

#iOS5 I can confirm that doing a hard reset, and putting it into Airplane mode worked. Yay. Luck? 10 tries and 6.5 hours total! #BadApple

I will point out that this was not 6.5 hours constantly attempting to update, it felt like it, but I know I only spent about 3 and a half actually sat in from to the machine. Either way hardly “it just works”!

Twitter edit 23/10/11

Almost, but not quite.

Almost, but not quite. I got further along by doing a hard reset, but it failed anyway. Now I read that putting it into airplane mode works!

Seems #iOS5 is failing at verification?

Seems #iOS5 is failing at the verification stage due to the number of devices attempting to access Apple’s servers.
Keep trying then?

Different phone, different OS…

Different phone, different OS, still failing.. #iOS5 not so good so far…

Spoke too soon!

Spoke too soon, but the 3G downloaded ok, so but crashes out with a cryptic error error. Tried several tweaks, no go. Redownloading. #iOS5

iOS5 download bugged out

iOS5 download bugged out with less than 2 minutes to go.. 🙁
Re-downloading now, another 80 minutes to go. The other phone, no problems.

I can’t believe…

I can’t believe there is no one else in my Twitter feed saying ‘downloading now’?

So, hey, I’m downloading now.. http://t.co/D03MfNsF

How many millions?

How many millions of people will be prodding and poking there iDevices this time tomorrow night? #iOS

OneNote for iOS. Sounds like it ‘could’ be a good idea, but is not on the UK store to try.

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