Stonehenge. Assembly instructions…

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What if you drained the oceans?

RT @toffringa: 😀 “@jilleborg: Wat als je de oceanen leeg zou laten lopen vanuit het diepste punt op aarde? what-if.xkcd.com/53/

Hand drawn map of the Internet

Explore this beautiful, hand-drawn map of the internet.


Come on guys. Give it up

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I still cannot get my head around Fahrenheit. Like many things in in the UK though while the official line is metric the embedded thought process is Imperial.

The Imperial method is descriptive in human terms, so it fits well with social interaction or loose description. I don’t think we British will ever describe something as kilometers away, or we walked kilometers. It will always be ‘miles’, however I hope that planners think in terms of those kilometres, meters or even centimetres.

Obviously I grew up with the metric system being taught in schools, but came home to everything else being Imperial. I don’t know how much this still applies for today’s generation, or wether it simply is still easier to give the rough estimates we all use in day to day conversation as those imperial measurements, but anything that needs precise measurement is done metric units.

If I’m honest, who, apart from setting a thermostat, descriptively uses more than its freezing, hot, very hot, or scorchio anyway?

World map by population

World map by population i.imgur.com/3JAPj.jpg http://t.co/4BukPjnIE0



A colourful and historic view of London

Here’s a colourful and historic view of London, originally seen on the platform walls of the London Underground a century ago… flip.it/2NuSj

Ordnance Survey port Britain into Minecraft

RT @jeremy_peel: Bloody hell. Ordnance Survey, the UK’s mapping authority, have ported Great Britain into Minecraft: pcgamesn.com/minecraft/ordn…

iOS 6 Maps might be hazardous …

iOS 6 Maps might be hazardous to your health http://t.co/nZOvZ18q

OS Maps overlay.


These still work after all this time, and are a handy little overlay for Google Earth.

Global Village Mapped

I tweeted this the other day, but the more I look at it the more impressed I am.

Tumblr ltouzhA7fC1qdgf89o1 1280

Imagine being able to board a train in St Petersburg and making a decision in Lisbon wether to go to Seattle, or Rio. Imagine a world where the line from Jerusalem to Bagdad had overcrowding problems, or that Tehran was a major station on the Australia route.

Just imagine…

Taken from the book Transit Maps of the World, but if you want more?

With respect to Harry Beck and the original tube map.

Instruction 43

Go to Google Maps, type in directions from Japan to China.

Check instruction 43.

Unbelievably useful Google Earth overlay

Gavin Brock’s Google Earth Hacks

I just found this link for the most useful overlay for Google Earth, at least if you are in the UK, and want to use it for a little more than peering into your friends and family back gardens!

Simply it does what it says on the tin and adds an OS map overlay. Great for planning off road routes, or research into a place or area.

I guess Britain has some of the best mapping on earth, and this is a really useful addition for me, though I’m surprised that the data is so freely available to do this as OS mapping for the country is so expensive in most other formats.

I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Maximum Google Earth

Google Earth Logo

Two things of note today.

Google released
Google Earth beta 4

for Windows, Mac & Linux. Yes, you heard it right, Linux. Hot on the heals of

comes another good reason not to use Windows.
I’ve got it installed on my

desktop, and had a little play with it, revisiting some of my favorite places, and it appears to work flawlessly. I will admit I do view it as a toy, albeit an interesting one, but now I get to play with it in my toy box of choice.
Another plus today,

, my ISP, have been jumping the gun compared to many other UK ISP’s in upgrading customers to MaxDSL, the 8mb service on the standard BT lines. I hoped to get my upgrade anytime after May, but with BT
making a mess

of the bulk upgrade tool I guessed it would be a while. I was surprised to notice my router re-sync to 7800kbps yesterday, and later in the day my download speed increased dramatically, now I’m hitting 5.5mb, about five times the previous speed.

It takes 10 days or so to settle down, but, boy do I like the new connection speeds. If it stays stable like this in 3 years I’ll have gone from dial-up to 100 times faster. I do really thank God for my net connection.

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