If somebody isn’t responding…

RT @SimoneGiertz: If somebody isn’t responding and you reach a full screen length of unreplied texts YOU’RE ALLOWED TO START TEXTING IN ALL CAPS YES TRUST ME

Honestly, required 101 of communications…

The iPhone SE is:- Small- Fast…

And mine!!

RT @internetofshit: iPhone SE is:
– Small
– Fast
– Well priced ($399)
– Looks like iPhone 5

tl;dr buy it if you like small phones not large ones


I finally see the Ubuntu vision, and I quite like it to be honest. Could they do what Android has so far failed to do, that is provide a full, seamless desktop/mobile platform?

Even elements of this vision beat Apple, I still don’t understand why there is no iOS for desktops that stays in sync across all your devices via iCloud. I know it would eat into software sales somewhere, but just thing that everything that you’d want across every desktop without using iTunes or other services.

I can dream.  

I just reserved my @mailbox. Have you reserved yours?

I just reserved my @mailbox. Have you reserved yours? mailboxapp.com ~ 88255 people in front of me though!

HTC thinks a second tiny phone is the answer

RT @verge: HTC thinks a second tiny phone is the answer to your oversized smartphone complaints flip.it/8dsUk ~

Oh, FFS, why? Has this never been tried before? Palm Folio anyone?

It won’t work, most people don’t even sync there devices as it is, and if you want a small phone you’d get a small phone, if you want a phablet, get one.

Just buy what is suitable for your needs.


The end of the line for Symbian?

The end of the line for Symbian flip.it/j6MSp

A shame, though my own experiences were not my best.

It was a proper mobile OS, and it’s origins in Psion do strike a note for me, I think it is because this was a ‘British’ thing, and now after years of being kicked it is now gone. Nokia should, and could, have made this a great mobile OS, and the decision not to pursue this may cost them dearer than they think.


I’m intrigued. This may work for me, but the details are sparse right now. Bookmarked. everdo.it/?#



This really does look like an interesting app. I sense killer app.
I have been there many times before, and it is always the ‘next big thing’ I’m waiting for, but if this pans out like the demo it is a winner.
Due in the UK app store in the fall, with iPhone and Mac apps to follow, but available now in the US for the iPad I’m watching this like a hawk.
This finally looks like Evernote has a real competitor, without the cloud part. 

Good news @dayoneapp

Good news @dayoneapp. If Day One had tags now it would be #itching and my status would be #cantwaitforanupdate

RT @cultofmac: 4 Questions For Siri

RT @cultofmac: 4 Questions For Siri http://t.co/nMgQn8Mj

My only question for Siri is “What is the point of Siri?”

Leaked News, Instagram

RT @picturecorrect: Leaked News About Instagram: Photography May Never Be The Same http://t.co/OJKkDQJf 

Moving On?




Now if they would only release this with a Debian based rolling distribution I ‘may’ be interested, I’m not fully sure I’m liking the way OSX is going, and I’m increasingly looking at a cross platform solution, providing it works as well in all the places it is deployed. Maybe Google is right in looking a Chrome for answers here, but I’m still impressed with Jolicloud, and they are about to pull something out of the hat.

While some areas of the desktop are really moving forward now, Android on my AndyPad has brought back to me why I moved on from Linux 6-7 years ago, and the only way out is a well modded ROM, or an official release of Ice Cream Sandwich, neither of which looks like it will be available in the short term.

Nokia experiments with Bubbles

It looks cool, but do people want their menus to move around?

Most people I see can’t remember where stuff is when it stays in the same place…

About 5 minutes of “wow” and this will be very frustrating. The last Nokia touch screen phone I met, not a smartphone, and I can’t remember the model, was so frustrating that after I’d spent 5 whole minutes with the thing I declared it unusable. My sister in law said the same thing about it, and returned hers to Orange the day she got it.

It was so bad I don’t want to think about the experience, and this won’t be much better. Think again Nokia.

http://www.busymac.com/index.html Busymac launch an iOS task manager. This will end up being a tempter I know.


I had the chance of a quick poke on a Galaxy Tab in a shop yesterday, my first go on an Android device in the flesh. I’m not sure about the form factor, it felt like it was just a giant phone, so I get the feeling for a tablet it needs to be somewhere about the size of a paperback book. The iPad is maybe a little too big, but the Tab is too small, and I would hazard a guess that this will make or break the tablet scene, the actual form factor has to be just right, and I’d also hazard that most of the buyers of a tablet of this type are going to have a smarter phone anyway. At the other end of the scale, iPad or bigger then yes, people may buy them as a regular PC replacement as they do offer most of the functions for an average user, and are possibly less fiddley than a netbook to use.The actual Tab aside, I checked out the availability of an Android emulator, and it turned out it is possible, on either Windows or Mac, so I’m going to take a look as this could bring an ideal scenario one step closer, and as a result may influence my future device choices.

I want to run a virtual device on my desktop, that could match up with my physical device, keeping apps and mobile data in sync. This virtual device could run like a HUD, either as a small window, iPhone sized, or as a larger iPad sized window, and should mirror my real device exactly. Obviously actual phone functions would have to be ruled out, though there is no reason to ignore anything that could be sent ofer a data connection, just substitute your desktop connection for a 3G link.
The virtual machine would also have to be able to cope with Keyboard/mouse input instead of multi touch, though with the increase in multi touch on desktops/notebooks this may not be a big problem.

If I concentrate on just an Apple implementation of this (I am bias after all!) then I can’t understand why they did not go down this route instead of the Mac App store, surely this would be the better method, virtualise an iDevice onto the desktop, and sell desktop users apps via the existing store. This way it could also easily bring the same thing to the AppleTV, making that device more attractive and increasing sales. It would also be a simple way of syncing the devices instead of using iTunes, if the Virtual device is the hub, and the other devices connect to it then it would replace the slightly clunky method with iTunes, you could stay with the same ‘wired’ sync, but how much nicer would it be to be able to push the sync automatically over the air, maybe just using the wired action for a real device backup, though TimeMachine would help on the virtual device anyway.
I can’t think of many negatives to the idea, only positives. Give the virtual device away to any user, then they would possibly increase the use of the app store, and iDevice sales would also increase as a result of people wanting to take the same simple apps with them across all their devices. Of course this would apply with Android as well, in fact it maybe the ‘killer’ app on Android, causing people to switch from iOS.
I’ve always said it is about the applications, and bringing the same things everywhere has got to be a plus, simpler for developers, one tablet/phone app that could run anywhere as a simple stand alone app, with the same data, and simpler for the ‘stores’ too.
I can always dream, as I can’t see Apple doing this, they missed the opportunity with the Mac store, and maybe Android is too fragmented to fully implement how I’d love to see it run, but home brewed solutions based around Android maybe the way this thing sees the light of day.


Just a chance post in my Google Reader feed led me to Posterous, and instant connection has become almost a one click process.

I’ve been here before with Shozu, and an attempt to use Cellspin, but without the ease and simplicity of connecting site/services together. This time it looks good.

Instant multi service posting, including video and pictures, from one little free iPhone app. That is impressive, and the web end of things appears to have a lot to offer too.

I can see the end of my Evernote and Springpad accounts now DevonThink Documents To Go has been released, and I think I’ll be able to rationalise a whole heap more with Posterous too.

On the downside this is reliance on yet another obscure web service with very little visible means of support, but let’s just concentrate on the positives and make use of a good service while it is available.

4 Square

Less than 24 hours to go until iOS 4. If the last update was anything to go by it will be 18 hours before it is available in the UK.

Am I looking forwards to it? Hell, yes, but I know I’ll not get the ‘main feature’, multitasking, just yet. The rest will come in handy though, especially when all the iOS optimisation is done for all my main apps.


I’ve just spent the top side of an hour installing MeeGo on the netbook, and I’m pleased to say it is pretty good. I liked Moblin, but favoured Jolicloud which has lived on the device for a while, but a bad update, or some deep messing trying to perform a single tweak, made my install bad, so in the quest for simplicity I’ve loaded MeeGo, which coincidentally had just made a 1.0 release a few days ago.

A pretty quick install and a couple of AspireOne tweaks later, found here, and it is all good to go, but despite the move back to a couple of web based solutions here is the rub. I don’t use the damned thing.

It is not that the device is bad, it isn’t, but the simple fact that for the time I’m not in front of my iMac the iPhone suffices, and with the release of iOS4, and the iPhone 4 later, it is going to have a hard time competing with the convenience of using an iPhone for many tasks.

I consider myself a pretty hard core geek. I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty with the CLI, or scripts. I will happily pull something to pieces to make it work better, often the doing things for the sake of doing them, and not for using them. Mac’s have changed that for me, and the iPhone is the first smartphone I’ve used where some serious hacking to improve it has not been done. It doesn’t need it, so when I read countless posts about the iPhone being locked, or restricting my freedom I just have to laugh, it has not restricted me in anyway, it has liberated me by freeing me from the endless tweaking, tuning and figuring out how to make things work. I now do stuff on it, not with it, and that is freedom, that has unlocked things in the real world, and not just the virtual one.


Opera unleashed

What a disappointment. I guess there maybe be a million underwhelmed downloaders if the stats are anything to go by. It won’t be replacing Safari mobile on most of those devices anytime soon, in fact I wonder how many may have already deleted it.


In use Opera is a step backwards. Yes, it was my browser of choice on my N95, and Opera mobile was my choice on two generations of XDA, though mini was a poor substitute for Opera Mobile. Now it feels like the iPhone version is a poor substitute for Safari, though as it is version 1.0 there may be room for improvement in the near future.
I’m unsure if the shortcomings are because Opera ‘rushed’ through the app thinking it would never be released, or wether because it routes everything through Opera’s servers, either way I’m not keen on the interface, and I’m suffering from ‘stuck’ pages. The interface is very uniPhone, and while I have other similar apps non-standard apps it is not very intuitive, not something I could particularly level at Opera in the past. I guess the learning curve is not that huge, but it is not grabbing me yet, so I’m not keen on learning the quirks.
Speed is touted as Opera’s key selling point, but my experience is not overwhelming. I’m usually on 2G, or wifi, and on neither does it set the world on fire, 3G is still a little novel for me, most of the places I visit are not enabled (thanks O2), but I can’t say I’ve got a worthwhile browsing boost while on this connection, but my usage has been very minimal anyway, so this is not a totally fair test.
Summing up I think I’m going to be like a lot of users, it is fine for quick access while you are mobile, especially if it can deliver the promised speed, but it won’t replace Safari anytime soon as the browsing experience is already very good, and bookmark/history sync are nice little extras (available via Opera if you use it on the desktop with an Opera sign up, but not easy to hack around to use with Safari or any other browser).
I’ll keep it around, but I don’t know about the other million downloaders. Were they all excitable geeks too, or were they taken in with the hype?

I can’t wait

Well, I guess I can, and I’m hoping it works out better than NoteLife.

I’m struggling with a couple of diary apps right now, trying to find the perfect one, or more to the point system, while knowing that MacJournal could be heading for the app store anytime now. It does seem an obvious choice to have a proper syncing journal/diary app on the iPhone/Touch, but nothing really matches up for me. Whoever gets this done properly and can scale up to the iPad will definitely have a winner, and frankly for me could have a killer app.

Momento looks, feels and works nicely on the iPhone, but lacks any kind of proper sync/backup solution. One is promised, but until it is delivered and can either work with MacJournal, or is a better solution than the MacJournal app it will be sidelined for my use. Right now I’m back to using Notebooks, as I need a solution outside of a diary application as well. Evernote should have fitted the bill, but in the early days the data transfer needed to make it happen while mobile killed any usability. I know this has now improved, but I’ve long since moved on, and there are rumblings of discontent in the apps store reviews about the last two versions crashing, not something I want to have happening with my important notes.

It looks like the wait goes on.


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I do want one of these….


Not much more to say.


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