This is so perfect. It hurts…

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We want to protect your security, but to do so we will dismantle your privacy.

500 calls and messages between two ‘suspects’ and no one noticed, but we want the ISP’s to record your every move. Let me know how that one works will you, I’ll be on the darker net if you need me.


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ExpanDrive – SFTP/FTP/S3 Drive flip.it/fW0pd

This looks interesting, though I don’t know how I could make best use of it.


Just when I get my ADSL2+ connection running I find where my FTTC cabinet should be! {LCAIN}{p6}. Going to have to go for some walks!

Moblog – Blogger

Test post.

See, ditch T-Mobile, and it works.
Now it’s just a shame I can’t have the option to use MMS on the
iPhone, or find a way to attach a file in this Mail.app.

Damn, more trial and error experimentation.

Sent from my iPhone

Enjoy the respite!

Spam plummets as gang leaves net

My spam box must have had a 90% reduction!

You can actually see when North America wakes up and switches on, and though the ‘buzz’ is that levels will soon pick back up again I hope that either people have got used to the low volume, or more importantly the ‘powers’ can see where the renewed problem is coming from, and cut it off at the bud.

I’m not holding my breath that it’ll last, I’m just breathing a sigh of relief while I can.

Embrace the Cloud

Despite my previous doubts about ‘the cloud’ if I’m going to continue to use this install of Ubuntu I’m going to have to find a way to really embrace ‘cloud’ computing, web 2, and everything in between.

From the start Ubuntu 8.10 and the Aspire One are almost perfect together. Having ‘sleep’ back, either as hibernate or suspend, is one of the best bits. Easy access to USB devices another, but overall Ubuntu has a lot of polish and functions built in. Finally I think that we are getting a Linux that ‘just works’, though there is someway to go to catch up with OSX and it’s interface, let alone the quality of software generally available on the Mac.
While I’m not going to be so stupid as to declare this the “Year of the Linux Desktop” (TM), I certainly think that with a power users knowledge the Linux desktop has reached a par with Windows. What I won’t agree with is Linux and it’s ecosystem having the breadth or quality of software available that a Windows user has, and yes, I know there is a lot of sh!t software on Windows, but come on, Linux has a lot of half baked, half abandoned, buggy, difficult to configure stuff in the repos. The best of the software on Linux is on a par with the better stuff on Windows, indeed, much of the best stuff is the same as I’d use on Windows, but Linux is a whole world away from Windows in easily providing applications, or configurations, for many common tasks, instead it’s nearly always a case of bringing out the terminal or some obscure config file to make things work. Thankfully there is usually a helpful wiki or forum that can provide the answer, and thank feck for the cut and paste command!

I’m off to collect armfuls of the fluffy stuff and see if I can make things talk to each other…

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N95 as a Bluetooth Modem

Using the N95 as a Bluetooth Modem on OS X | Blog.BitTube.com: “”

Another piece of the usefulness of a netbook falls into place.

Sure, it was slightly easier using the Nokia PC suite on XP (or Vista), but not that much easier.

The main reference for your settings, and scripts can be found here and here.

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Cut off…

It’s is not an alien invasion though!

No it is my net connection again. Sunday morning, no net. This is the third time this has happened in the last couple of months to my knowledge. Yes, I understand business takes a priority, hell my place of work ceases to function without connectivity, but if it is maintainence why a weekend daytime?

I guess that I keep harping on about this, but after months of stability, and the last couple of weeks at the best connection speeds I’ve ever had I’m feeling pi$$ed that I’ve not got something that is almost as important to me as the other utilities.

Damn, I’m off to do something else instead.

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Service outage

Service outage
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MobileMe not working (yet), Blogger down, Blogspot accounts down, iPhone 3g launch causing problems in both Uk and US, I’m stuck on the end of a 500kb line for the weekend, and all I hear is talk of cloud computing.

Get real people, the infrastructure does not support it, and it will be a while before it does in most places.

On a lighter note I caught sight of my 1st iPhone 3g in the wild yesterday, activated and in use too. Funny thing was this guy was proudly showing his mate his position on Google maps, something I’d been doing 12 months ago in almost the same spot. Thing was I was using it, not just showing it off!

Real Snail Mail

realsnailmail intro

Love it!
Technology is sooo much fun…

Blogger out again?

I seem to be suffering from a series of outages on Blogger. Anyone else having the same?

I’m going through a period where I’m questioning my whole blogging ‘thing’, and having Blogger drop on me is not helping things.

It is not like I’ve nothing to blog about, though my ‘Linux’ phase is well and truly over now, I just want to keep an archive what I’ve done, and bring it all into a different type of ‘container’.

I guess when I get the time I’ll start to do something, so for now the blogging continues, when Blogger.com actually lets me…

Spoke to soon…

Hah. Internet connection is down. I guess I spoke to soon this morning when I said I did not remember when I last lost my ISP service!

Strange though that I lose both during a single day, something spooky here.

Google down?

Has Google had it’s biggest outage ever today, or was it just me who wanted to use a few of it’s services all at once this morning, and could not access any of them?

I guess it’s the problem with ‘cloud’ computing!

3 points of weakness.
  1. Your connection.
  2. Their server.
  3. Anything in between the two…
In the end this is where it will really fail as a pure idea, the real idea is to have data ‘sync’, maybe with a cloud in the middle as a controller, but local copies of your data are still available in the case of a loss of connection, the system taking care of sorting out what has changed when a service is resumed. Apple’s revamped .Mac service, MobileMe, works on this principle, and to me appears to be a more viable option long than the current Google service.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m heavily reliant on Google, and not because I have to be, I choose which of their services to use based on merit, and use others where they are better suited to my usage. Yes, I’d love one ‘provider’ to give me everything for ease of use, but is it the best way to go? Ok, big outages at Google are rare, and my net connection is far more stable than it used to be, I honestly don’t now remember when it was last out, but problems like this are never going to go away, and in the case of smaller software providers are likely to be more frequent.
The ‘problem’ at the moment for Google and it’s services is that it relies heavily on 3rd parties making use of it’s API’s, or even worse, simple hacks to make things work. Great for geeks, but does this appeal to a mass market, and is it ideal when it relies on so many potential points of weakness? Time will tell of course, and it would be interesting to see wether Google do go along the route of ‘proper’ software applications that talk together, or are they like Apple, and playing the waiting game to see how Android and mobile access pan out before deciding on certain future directions.
It appears to be working for Apple, so will they, and other big players follow suit?

ADSL woes.

I’ve been blaming my ageing router modem, and had a new one on my wish list for a while, but Monday saw my net connection dropped, and no apparent way of getting it back.
Usually I have to connect to my modem admin page, select diagnostics, then get the router to check itself and the connection, and somehow in doing this I get my dropped connection back. The old
router has never been a totally reliable device, it did get good reviews for it’s price back in the day, and has worked as an IP table firewall with total reliability, but any problems have usually resulted in a time consuming exercise to get things back. In the end dropped connections have often been down to my
, but somehow this device rarely could get a connection back on it’s own, and just resetting it would never make any difference unless you left it for 20 mins before restarting it.
Frankly I had begun to get annoyed with it, and as the prices for a wireless router/modem/firewall have got very reasonable I’d placed one on the wishlist a while back, Monday however was the final straw, and I ordered a
, including USB dongle and PC card, for £73.00. Turns out that the problem was a
, and so nothing to do with my device, but still, spending time tracking down a problem is wasted time if the device won’t help me, and I’m now in a position to revamp the network for the better.

Wiping Windows..

Had the pleasure of using dialup the other night. No fun at all, but I wonder how much use my 1meg connection might be in a few years.

Is it like the chicken and egg that hardare goes through, more resources available, use more resources, oh, look, no resources…

From being a converged device guy 2 years ago I’m becoming more convinced that a dedicated device does it better, you just need more of them. Right now I’d gladly trade my PPC for a decent phone,ipod and Palm, but it must have =BT and WiFi, but how much would that cost..

Still, the point was that dialup bypasses my network security, and in the time it took to register the AV I was installing I got a trojan.. Gee, the net is not a nice place unless you are covered by resourse hungry software, or run a proper OS..

OS’s (again) and other things.

Got real anoyed with Ubuntu this week, and the SuSE torrent completed, so it was out with the blank CD’s, feeding five of them into the slot.

Anticipation high, I rebooted with CD1 in the drive, I got a lovely SuSE/Novell spash screen, I got the beginnings of the install process. I got a hang.

Tried it always, but same as the last SuSE distro I downloaded, segmentation fault, hang.

So ended the SuSE experiment.

Back into Ubuntu, but surprise, it now seems totally reliable. Is it alive? Did it know it was one segmentation fault away from total oblivion? Time will tell, but the things I need the machine for will be the deciding factor. It IS a nice, well thought out distro, it does have a future I’m sure, and it has made me rethink Gnome, I’d like to try that under SuSE now, and if it does stay reliable I’ll stay with it.

Now, 5 SuSE discs, and a server that is under used because of the Lacie disc. Just need the time….

Website rebuilding on Mambo is now in 5th gear. Its different to the earlier version in use now, not quite as intuitive, but more powerfull. Just the task seems mamoth, and time seems short. Looks like once the basics are done I’m going to have to look into some more advanced stuff in the ‘bolt on’s’ available, and to top it off I’m away for a long weekend that will disconnect my net access, no bad thing in some ways, but, ‘always on’, to totally off is always a shock. Preparation is the key. Load up the Powerbook, and head for the hills.

Didn’t make a 2meg broadband connection either, 1.2 seems to be the max. I know I’m at the limits of the exchange, and I can’t get confirmation on the state of upgrade in the damed thing either, maybe after July I can go to the full 2meg, maybe later I’ll be able to get ‘Superspeed’ at the promised 4-8meg, although I’d guess that I won’t get anything like max speed.

Still, 1mb is nice.

OS X still finds places to surprise me, and some of the t/p software still amazes me. Looked for a spell check dashboard widget, and found one. Then find out that Ctrl-click spells anyway! I should read the Missing Manual I got for Panther! It was only the other day I lamented the loss of keyboard shortcuts we had on the management app at work, and I’m unaware of those right under my finger tips here, stupid really. Found a nice trial of virtual desktops from You software, that’s one Linux feature I’ve always missed, menu bar is looking very Gnome right now.

I had a brief affair with Windows this week, you know the kind where you lust after it for about 5 seconds before it turns around and kicks you hard in the balls. That is how it felt. And that was under VirtualPC. Can’t even blame it on the 2 databases I need to run under Access this time, ths was because I need Active Sync. I almost gave up. I’ve a huge amount of resources given over to having a virtual Windows just to run 3 things. 1 I could rebuild under filemaker or something, I don’t because if I need to transfer the job to someone else I don’t want the hassle, one could be done manually under Excel, manually and finance are not things I want to get involved with, but Active Sync? How can I get round that? Please don’t say Palm, they are way off the mark these days I’m afraid.

Toast to broadband.

Just upgraded to a 2mb connection, paid the fee anyways, should see it during the next few days.

Got me reminicing about the tension prior to the broadband switch on 22 months ago. Wow, it was agony, waiting for the switch, the hub newly stacked with a modem/router, the thing switched on, waiting for the ADSL light to switch to a steady green glow. The agony when it was realised someone at the telco or ISP had ballsed up and I had to wait another week for my account to go live.

This followed over 12 months of waiting, watching the demand indicator set up by BT slowly crawl to the magic ‘ok, we’ll enable the exchange’ figure of 400 signatorys. That site was set as a favorite, and I’m proud to announce mine was the first signature on there.

Oh, the bliss of an always on connection. Just use it when you wish, for what you want. P2P went ballistic for weeks. The pile of downloaded Linux distro CD’s grew by inches. Static IP soon followed. Webserver after that. Groupware and my own mailservers have been added to the list since.


They say we are an easy come easy go generation. They say we don’t appreciate the things we have. Boy, are they wrong.
I say a prayer for my broadband connection. It’s the difference between a grey life in a northern town, and tropical views from all my windows. Its the difference between knowing there is something out there, and understanding that something out there. Its my TV, newspaper, library, radio, shopping mall, video store, tech support line….. No, its my FRIEND.
Lord knows how much this thing must, or should, mean to the elderly, housebound, disabled or isolated. What should this mean to the far flung parts of second or third world humanity, for good or bad?

I give my fullest admiration to the African internet cafes, the isolated rural communitys petitioning to gain an broadband connection, and the efforts of those who are trying to build education connections accross the globe.

I don’t need 2mb. I won’t in the short term use it to its fullest extent, but, I’m sure grateful that the dusty modem in a PCI slot at the bottom of one of my machines chirped its sputtering handshake for the last time all those months ago.

Here’s to faster connections, and all it may bring.


I know its been a while, I had a helluva lot of work to do in the week before my hols, couple that to the fact work turned really busy and I lost the chance to catchup in any quite moments.

Ok, good stuff. Less than 3 weeks after thinking “lets get a Mac” + I’ve got one. Least I’ll have it when I return to the UK. Got a SD for the price of a Combo… Saved on tax at the airport. I don’t know if I’m going to be allowed to use it yet, technically its my xmas present, but I will be trying.

Now need to get an Airport or other wireless base station, and configure the rest of the network. I have not made any plans for the existing laptop, I may sell it, but I may turn it back over to Windows and mothball it. Whole system has now got to be based around the SuSE box being turned over to a proper server for files and web, and replacing the current webserver.

The main point would be that though I think Linux is desktop ready, and would be ideal for many peoples needs as it comes out of the box, there are not enough apps, sure it is changing, and many would be suited to everyday stuff, but not quite the pro quality/compatibility I need on say a monthly basis. I really did not want to admit defeat and return to Windows on any machine, and when I compare the market a Mac seemed like an equivalent buy to a comparable laptop. Loading any flavor of Linux on to that would then, to me , feel like I had devalued it.

My only difficulty would now appear to be that I may be in the position where software that is dubious in origin (!) becomes desirable again, something I had been keen to move away from in using Linux. Still I won’t be alone, and right now productivity is as important as trying to sit within Opensource ideals.

No network

Said I’d be back soon. Not reporting on Xandros though, this time its Windows.

Scanner’s gone the way of all things eventually and died. Well not quite dead, more sort of terminally ill, and no use what so ever, so I put it out of my misery and bought a new Epson 2400.

Nice, shiny, and, Linux compatable.

Hooked up through a nice shiny new USB switch to share on the network, future proofed to USB2, everything taken care of… I thought.

Still got the thing to set up in Linux, but on the plus side Xandros has found it and knows exactly what it is, SuSE, well I don’t think so yet.

But Mr Gates wonderful Windows, another story altogether….

Loaded disc, autoplay, starts installation, hang…..

Task manger, kill installer, restart installation…..

Goes a bit further this time, and pop up next stage of first installation.

Task manger, kill installers, reboot.

Reboots, no network?

Now 2 problems, no network, half installed scanner. Decide to sort scanner first.

Uninstall everything scanner related, reboot (still no network, odd) copy cd to Temp drive, reinstall > Hangs….

Unistall all scanner related, then install from drive by going to each installer on its own and going from there.

Success, it appears, installers still looked a bit dodgy during job, but everything seems to work.

Now to network…

Can’t see any network, check all settings, all OK, check Server… Hmm Samba service not running…. Oh, restart Samba.

Still no network. Is it anything to do with Windows only being on one box. Check from all Linux, they can see each other OK. All as Samba mounts.

Now tried shouting at Windows, and poking at every setting I can think of….

Everything is correct. Right workgroup, right ID, right address,


2 hours of shouting, kicking, changing, checking and rebooting….

Pop, unchecked enable Window firewall, not for the first time either, and I’ve got a network again.


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