Kanbanote Organizes Your Evernote Notes

Kanbanote Organizes Your Evernote Notes in Trello-like Boards lifehacker.com/kanbanote-orga…

Not as usable as it could be, and even being ‘free’ it can’t compete with Trello.

Nice idea though, I really would like a good multi-platform Kanban implementation, but nothing really hits all the buttons yet.

I just backed iSketchnote: from pen and paper.

I just backed iSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad! on @kickstarter kck.st/16gJmjv


I’m still pinning a lot of hope on the release of #Projectbook
It just looks as though it would fit perfectly.
When is the Fall exactly?

Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

RT @engadget: The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine: paper sketchbooks and journals – http://t.co/J6LTC1oc

Paper is not dead yet!



This really does look like an interesting app. I sense killer app.
I have been there many times before, and it is always the ‘next big thing’ I’m waiting for, but if this pans out like the demo it is a winner.
Due in the UK app store in the fall, with iPhone and Mac apps to follow, but available now in the US for the iPad I’m watching this like a hawk.
This finally looks like Evernote has a real competitor, without the cloud part. 

Projectbook. A personal Evernote?

RT @cultofmac: Rethink Productivity With Projectbook’s Natural Language Technology [iOS Tips] http://t.co/S6Mwi2g4

But not in the UK?

Update 03/08/12 23:46

I mailed the developer and had a reply to the effect that Projectbook will be available in the UK store some time this Fall. They wanted to initially restrict support to the US, which I do understand. I’m really looking forwards to trying this out, even if it is just a stepping stone in a ‘system’ as I’m not truly happy with any other option I’ve tried to date.

Watch this space.

Using Springpad

“@khouryrt: Using @springpad as my organizer has been my best tech decision. An offline Mac app would make it even better.” Yes Please!

http://www.busymac.com/index.html Busymac launch an iOS task manager. This will end up being a tempter I know.

Circus Ponies launches an iPad app


This looks like a killer app on the iPad, a proper notepad paradigm that is perfect for the iPad format.

It is just a shame that I can’t understand Notebook on the desktop, though on the iPad it looks like it may well work.

Is this what happens when you take a real world item, a Filofax, turn it into a desktop app, then when a closer device to a Filofax/notepad becomes available you port it back? Somehow I think the world has moved on, I expect a desktop app to be a desktop app, though I remember how cool Lotus Organizer (Smartsuite) was back in the day, but now think that even Joe and Jane have moved on from the idea, Does anyone ‘average’ now really understand the desktop concept, is it relevant now that a computer is not exclusive to a desktop?

Watching how old concepts are adapted to new devices is fascinating, and I will pay a visit to Circus Ponies again when I’m fortunate enough to obtain an iPad.

Evernote Signup

Evernote Blog

1000000 notes, and 1 day only.

Free signup.

(But hey, I’ve still got invites if you need them!)

Mail problems

I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, though it is not too much of an actual problem for me, but Mail appears to have disconnected itself from sync services.

Is there a limit to the number of services you can have connected at any one time?
When I say it is not an actual problem for me I meant that I don’t use mail to admin my tasks, I’m sorry, but the actual interface is far to basic and simply awful for anything more than the most basic admin tasks, and is simply not for me. I can understand the move Apple made when adding tasks and notes to the Mail .app, but can’t understand why they have not gone the Entourage route and made a proper fully integrated interface to manage messages, tasks and notes, Leopard + 1 I guess?
For me Entourage was almost perfect, administering mail, tasks and notes, with a mini project manager to boot, though the interface was not perfect, the whole thing is/was my preferred PIM, and but for the problems with syncing I would be happy to use it. In the event I’ve taken to using, and purchased, Chronos SOHO Organiser, with SOHO Notes, for all my tasks and notes. Both tie in well with Mail, sync with iCal, and to make the combo almost perfect, a side order of Evernote takes care of a ‘clipboard +’ that has the advantage of tying in my N95 as an extension of the Powerbook, with the advantage of syncing stuff across to the device too (I say ‘sync’, it means stuff is available via a data connection, but at least for 95% of my life that is not going to be a problem).
If anyone has an answer to the Mail tasks problem, I’d be interested to know, though really only for interest reasons.

Got it!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve got my invite to Evernote, and I can now tell you how great it really is.

At the moment I’m putting it through it’s paces, and I’m pretty impressed. Couple of small points have come to light, but they are not show stoppers.

  • I can’t extract the full text from a note on the Mac, nor presumably on Symbian. Text reading is done server side, but there is no way to pull the whole thing out. Not really a problem, the note is readable on the web, device or Mac client, and is searchable on all 3 too.
  • Transfering, or exporting on the Mac is not obvious, and similar to the ‘mail’ notes seems to really need a mail connection to do it, though from my N95 mailing things around is easiest anyway.

That’s all to report for now, though I’ve a little way to go intregrating this into my workflows, on the mobile, or desktop, so I guess I’ll be coming back to Evernote fairly soon.

Oh, by the way, anyone wants an invite I’ve got a few to give away.

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Google Notebook

As I push to consolidate my software choices, and make myself more ‘anywhere capable’, I’m forced into looking for different options to do familiar things.


In Safari I’ve used Concierge for some note taking/bookmarking, in Firefox the Scrapbook extension, and of course Opera has notes built right in. Nothing to match exists in Camino, or as yet on Safari 3 (beta), so I have looked at the option of just having a bookmark to Google Notebook, the Google Notebook toolbar does not yet work on any other browsers outside of IE or Firefox.

One real advantage now exists, the notes are accessible from the N95, and can easily be cut and past from anywhere, moved to Google Docs etc, etc. Of course I won’t use this for anything really sensitive or private, they in the main can just stay on my mobile with a periodic manual sync, but for jotting things down I can’t see a problem with this method, and combined with Google Bookmarks I guess I’m one stage closer to my ‘anywhere capable’ goal, though I guess I’m one stage closer to being totally reliant on Google!

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