Me, right now!

Me, right now! twitter.com/noodliedoodlie…

It has been one of those days weeks!

A coping mantra

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Who gets your digital fortune when you die?

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New look, new start?

A new look to the site, though it was not without it’s problems, and still is to some extent.

Weekly Review


I tried one theme, and ran into problems with the way posts were displayed, this was tracked down to Social plugin I’m using to pull my Twitter account into the site. I’ve switched this to manual now, but have eventually worked out that this is because the plugin creates a ‘status’ action for the posts in WordPress, and the theme lacked this action ability. I did not find this until I started on the next, current theme, but when I worked out where the problem was, and how to cure it.

The cure, for my purposes, was simple, duplicate one of the other post actions in the theme, and call it status.php.

Anyway, here we have the new theme from Theme Forest, and a few little hacks to make it work for me. Currently I’m still experiencing a problem with the archives, but I’m looking into that one, and maybe don’t need them in the way they have existed for a long time anyway.

Related to blogging, but a separate problem that I’m still no closer to resolving, is a reliable, formatted export from Day One, that can be automated to some degree. Currently I’m leaving it in their hands, and waiting for an effective method on the desktop, but it is something that is increasingly worrying to me as each and every day adds more info into Day One that will need extraction at some point. I’m already at the stage where the MacBook holds a non synced version of everything prior to the beginning of this year. I’m really not comfortable with the situation, but there does not appear to be any workaround that is either acceptable, or a massive amount of manual work.

Either way the problem is only snowballing at present, and while there are backups of everything, any recovery is work, a lot of work. This is one problem that is not dropping of my project list very quickly.

One other project this week that has not been brought any closer to completion is the installation of a Windows 98 instance in a VM. Everything ends in the same error message whatever I’ve tried to do, including different ISO’s and machines running the VM. In itself this is not really a problem, but it does not bode well for one of the main ‘lab’ projects at work.

Pick one up

I can smell that old book smell, and I just want to pick one up and sit down in the dusty armchair I know must be right next to that table.


Incredibly Expressive Photos Of Dogs

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No Choice?

#workplacepensions a “truly historic change” Yeah, like you removed my choice to opt out of gov control last April. #nochoice

Cabin Porn

Cabin Porn http://t.co/cQKDpYuc


If only real life could match my digital one, and I could be as organised physically, as well as digitally, but there lies the problem, I only think I’m organised digitally, while really I only rely on technology, or clever software to actually make me organised at all.
Ok, like many people I carefully file everything neatly in a folder hierarchy, and I actively avoid throwing anything away, preferring to add another folder, labeled Archive, and putting things away there instead, sometimes using Apples’ neat label system to actually mark an item as Ok to Delete, but not actually deleting it.
Eventually things become so full, messy and disorganised any pretence of the item ever seeing the light of day again becomes impossible, and I become frustrated when I know it is in there somewhere, but precisely where, and how to retrieve it when I need it does not go well.
I’m the same to a greater degree with documents at work, just looking at what I call an archive is frustrating to say the least, and at home I’ve actually got to thank the intelligence of Devon Technologies with Devon Think, that I can ever find anything. I do have a rigid framework that deals with physical paperwork in both places, it is just the digital aftermath I still have a problem coping with, especially at home, and with anything that does not fit neatly into any of my carefully prepared ‘folders’.
I guess digitally, like physically, I need to be ruthless, and set time aside to really get to the root of the problems, and be able to start things afresh, while dealing with the archives. I will need to use some of the clever software to achieve this, but ultimately it is only going to be an aid, and the real work has to be done by a real person, in real time, by me.

I’d like to point out the image above is not my personal storage space, only similar… Mine may actually be worse.

Flying babies!

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These freaked me out!

Work in progress…















After a long hiatus you may have noticed I’ve restarted my blogging.

A recent partial move of host has me committed to the WordPress platform for a while to come, and I’ve re-started my idea of using this as an information store.

Wiki’s seem like hard work, so I’m keeping it simple and using tagging instead. MarsEdit is the choice for pushing stuff out from the desktop, and Twitter the remainder, but at some point I am going to work out a cleaner integration with my personal journal, I still don’t know where it is going to go, but blogging is not abandoned yet.

I’m having to look at my hosting

I’m having to look at my hosting requirements, and blog, Posterous is a front runner, but doesn’t have a desktop app? http://t.co/bepnnBQ2

I actually feel like…

I actually feel like I’ve accomplished a full task review this morning, not fought it. Using #Todo from Appigo on iOS.

So that’s it then

myWPEdit Image










I’ve shown the blog some love over the last few days, continuing with WordPress, and now linking into Twitter, partially in readiness for iOS5.

Next job is to tidy up some of the ‘shell’, and enable the site again.

See. Cross platform

myWPEdit Image








As we are now on the AndyPad. More work to get here, yes, but a more compatible platform?

Almost certainly, though is it going to be worth the effort, and how well will it work online?

Marmite: Denmark says spread could be illegal


Ah well. I don’t drink Danish beer, will not touch Danish pork, and I don’t go a bundle on Danish pastries either, so I guess we’ll call it quits?



A set of rules I think I’ve lived by since I was about 6.

Happy Birthday!




Here’s to the ZX81…

Many happy ours spent programming the thing. All nighters just to get the simplest graphics or programs to run. Typing line by line, attempting to save to cassette, lusting after a 16k Rampack, hacking the machines in Dixons, and knowing this was the future of computing, putting the machine the school owned to shame, until they got hold of a BBC micro.

I took Computer Studies at school, and in three years I got 20 minutes official time on a computer! The make escapes me now, but it was wheeled around on a rack. I was not deemed good enough to have access to the BBC!

Made up for the lack of official time on a machine with countless hours on a ZX81, and later BBC’s, Speccies and Commodore 64. I lusted after a PET, but a junction in life took me down a different route, maybe with hindsight not the best route to have taken, but no real regrets, and it was not until the mid nineties did I return to computers with a renewed interest.

I still wonder where learning Basic went, it was the best route into understanding how the machine worked, games were never really my thing, making it do something was much more fun, however simple it was.

Was it really 30 years ago that Sir Clive introduced this thing that changed so many lives across the UK and beyond? Much of his genius afterwards, the Spectrum excluded, has been wasted. I remember laughing out the C5 when it was launched at a London cycle show, peering underneath we saw it was the crappiest bicycle you could imagine, predicting it would never sell while around me the suits were treating it like a second coming, and he still persists in trying to sell the same thing in a new package.

I think I need to go and find an emulator now, though it will never recreate the magic of the ZX plugged into a big old 22″ black and white TV that cost me a pound to buy.

Happy Days.

Battle at the riverbank. Exciting stuff. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-11795932

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