The Scream

RT @peter_watts: Just noticed there’s a happy version of The Scream living in my floorboards. https://t.co/oS5NgZ8HA8


It’s Friday! And we’re as excited as…

RT @camerabag: It’s Friday! And we’re as excited as these children at a Parisian puppet show: life.time.com/ipad-app/news/…

The headline photo really caught my attention. The different emotions visible, for the same moment in the performance.

Children watch the story of "Saint George and the Dragon" at an outdoor puppet theater in Paris, 1963 Life Magazine

Children watch the story of “Saint George and the Dragon” at an outdoor puppet theater in Paris, 1963. Life Magazine

Pick one up

I can smell that old book smell, and I just want to pick one up and sit down in the dusty armchair I know must be right next to that table.


Incredibly Expressive Photos Of Dogs

RT @BI_TheLife: 17 Incredibly Expressive Photos Of Dogs by @kangelova flpbd.it/thRid

An astronaut’s view

What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees at Night (ISS) http://t.co/o8kaCksl

RT @photographyblog: Rollei Fotopro

RT @photographyblog: Rollei Fotopro EP2 http://t.co/kj7d9bU6 #accessories

Wow. Rollei, I didn’t know they still existed! 

More money than sense?

So, after the crazy Facebook IPO, they announce a Facebook photography app that more or less mimics the Instagram app they just bought for a billion dollars?

Why didn’t they just integrate a billion dollars worth of ‘Instagram’ branding into Facebook. It can’t be hard to use Instagram, by Facebook!

It never ceases to amaze me the money that is thrown around with so many tech startups. I’m sensible enough to know that stocks are not really related to a company’s worth, though it was, or will soon be, obvious when Facebook shares really tumble, but it is venture capital that is thrown around that does amaze. It is one reason I’m staying clear of Springpad. It is a nice idea, and fairy well implemented, but there is still no obvious source of revenue, and that, on a service that is holding my data, is a big worry. To a lesser extent this applies to Evernote, there revenue seems to be secure, though again I don’t know what has been thrown into the Evernote cap, but it is the implementation that gets me there. Understandably Evernote don’t want to make it easy to export your data, and that is where it falls down for me.

Google drive became available for me this week, and that does look like I’ll be using it, for work, though for personal use I really wish I could build my own Dropbox, or better yet, build a server that can host all my own data.

Socialmatic Camera

Socialmatic Camera — Indiegogo http://t.co/vOioxqVm

Noooo, this was supposed to be a joke!

The coffee bean

RT @photoblggr: 15 Great Coffee Bean Pictures http://t.co/JHiLwVYb

Just the humble coffee bean.

Leaked News, Instagram

RT @picturecorrect: Leaked News About Instagram: Photography May Never Be The Same http://t.co/OJKkDQJf 

Instagram sold for For $1B

“Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion”

Deleted Instagram, there are better ways of applying filters, and logging into Facebook isn’t one!

Spy cam

The little 808 keychain camera arrived from China today. I’m going to have some fun with this, especially on the bike.

How can the produce something like this for less than £10.00? I’ve got a proper headcam that cost ten times as much, and still needs a video cam that accepts an input!

With a few mods this could be as good for my purposes.

Firethorn. Georgous morning, perfect for this time of year.

Those were the days…



I’m spending a lot of time there these days, just wishing my wallet was bigger.



This rates as my best photograph of 2010

I love it on so may levels.


Found on the BBC site as part of An Englishman in New York, by Photographer Jason Bell.

An Englishman in New York: Photographs by Jason Bell’ can be seen at the National Portrait Gallery, London, until 17 April 2011.
I think it could be crying out for a caption though!


I’ve been reading a few discussions on ‘cloud’ computing recently, and thought this was appropriate.

Spectacular light and form, I just wish I’d had more opportunity to capture a better shot.

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Alone in a landscape

Alone in a landscape
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Flickr Loves You

Flickr: We Say NO to Videos on Flickr…

….but it seems Flickr does not really love it’s users.
I love Flickr, and I’d really love to ‘just’ use it for my more serious photography, but until I can get the kinks sorted out with posting to this blog via MMS I’m left with filling my account with some very mundane stuff, of which video ‘could’ be part of my content.
Its a shame, Flickr has the best technical stuff for me, everything works the way I want it to… but, it’s supposed to be a serious photography site, so I’ve got a dilemma.
Do I use Flickr as an excellent service, or do I use Flickr for the excellence of it’s content?


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I’m now testing Zonetag as a way of geotagging photos.
Early days, but I’ve already hit a hitch.
The setup instructions are for a different version I have installed, and a likeable feature seems to be missing from my phone client. Logging. The idea being that the device can upload a location log that then can be matched against photos you upload to Flickr.

A neat feature I think, but I guess I may have to do some more digging to find out how it operates.

Incidentally, though I had an MMS reach Flickr, and my Blogger account, when I tried to mail a post direct from Apple’s Mail app, it never arrived? More to investigate I guess.
– Taken at 12:44 AM on October 13, 2007 – cameraphone upload by ShoZu

Green and grey

I just love the colours here. The green of the parsley and the grey of the holder.

I love the naturally weathered look of galvaznised steel or terracotta pots. Sometimes the colour combinations mean more to me than the plant they contain!

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