Dear USA…

RT @RoshanaMN: Dear USA

Things Nigel Farage is not:

A) UK opposition leader
B) A British MP (lost 8 elections)
C) A representative of the UK
D) Liked

Wouldn’t it be great…

RT @TheAzzo: Wouldn’t it be great if everyone gave @tasha4ctc a follow so she can catch up with chippy old Brian, here. twitter.com/cllrbsilvester…

I just love the power of the Internet, and social movement.

Too many people just don’t get it, taking the Internet on usually ends in failure.

Amazing how the haters…

RT @realDonaldTrump: Amazing how the haters & losers keep tweeting the name “F**kface Von Clownstick” like they are so original & like no one else is doing it…

FFS it is 2016 not 1916!

FFS it is 2016 not 1916! Petition update – New short film released to support #SREnow campaign change.org/p/7960286/u/17… via @UKChange

This made be laugh out loud

RT @matthewjdowd: This made be laugh out loud. https://t.co/EOfLoNzQbN


Why is it that it only…

Why is it that it only ever seems to be politicians who take this option? https://t.co/PimMdt0645


No one knows…

RT @hahildebrand: That sneaking suspicion held by all sane adults – that no one actually knows anything and no one is in charge – turns out to be true.

Sometimes you do see something Facebook…

RT @Pandamoanimum: Sometimes you do see something on Facebook that’s actually worth reading. https://t.co/JuAO4inKbh


Return to Parliamentary Democracy?

RT @jonsnowC4: Return to Parliamentary Democracy? Interesting letter in the Guardian: https://t.co/WrnKt46SAL


Now that we can make our own rules…

RT @Biltawulf: Now that we can make our own rules we can do what is sensible for the UK. A good start would be to join some sort of European Union.

In, or out?

Are you #InOrOut in the #EURef? @CrowdpacUK’s test with @38_degrees says I’m 57% IN. See where you stand: crowdpac.co.uk/eu-referendum-… – Hmm Y/N?

American elections

RT @sm0k1nggnu: keeping up with the american elections while not being american like… https://t.co/AwT5shrCDm


This is the future

RT @FunnyQuotees: THIS IS THE FUTURE https://t.co/lWinJI001U


The dark ages are upon us

RT @paniq: the dark ages are upon us alternet.org/economy/chris-… https://t.co/AxgS6uyXl6


Les poissons

Les poissons= nourriture, pas ordure! Ne sabordez pas l’interdiction des rejets en mer ce lundi! @Bruno_LeMaire #fishfight

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