If somebody isn’t responding…

RT @SimoneGiertz: If somebody isn’t responding and you reach a full screen length of unreplied texts YOU’RE ALLOWED TO START TEXTING IN ALL CAPS YES TRUST ME

Honestly, required 101 of communications…

So this is worth £1 per tweet?

So this is worth £1 per tweet if include the #TweetForShelter tag? twitter.com/pandamoanimum/…

8 months isn’t a birthday!

RT @endeavoringE: 8 months isn’t a birthday. twitter.com/IvankaTrump/st…

I’m guessing Trumpbaiting is a new sport.

Wouldn’t it be great…

RT @TheAzzo: Wouldn’t it be great if everyone gave @tasha4ctc a follow so she can catch up with chippy old Brian, here. twitter.com/cllrbsilvester…

I just love the power of the Internet, and social movement.

Too many people just don’t get it, taking the Internet on usually ends in failure.

Why don’t we just stop…

RT @Biltawulf: Why don’t we just stop giving money to the NHS and use what we save to fund a new NHS? #BlueSky

Growing Up British

Still do, that isn’t just #GrowingUpBritish it is #BeingBritish twitter.com/pandamoanimum/…

Read to the end

RT @Pandamoanimum: Read to the end. https://t.co/y0a4heCjqh


This 3rd grader is going places…

RT @FunnyQuotees: This 3rd grader is going places https://t.co/qWLEMp2rWK


I cried too…

RT @FunnyQuotees: Rt if you cried😢 https://t.co/MFMCxIYxmm


Hello world can you look at this…

RT @flufferfish: hello world can you look at this for a sec http://t.co/mwrNiTBLvF


My new favorite song…

My new favorite song… spoti.fi/LVvPkD #NowPlaying


RT @paniq: Google+ i.imgur.com/ywnPPK7.png


Responsible social media

RT @shawnblancnet: It’s Possible to Use Social Media Mindfully shawnblanc.net/2013/12/note-t…

Now getting info back *out* of Day One needs to be done manually, and I’m still working on a best method to do this. It is actually easier to dump something into Twitter, and let a chain of automagical scripts place the item into various places for later editing.

IFTTT, for myself, but with a raft of editing needed afterwards to make sense of it all.

Weddings Used To Be Sacred And Other Lessons About Internet Journalism flip.it/Mxgnd

Things are not always what they seem, especially with the ‘social media’ voice of millions.

JK Rowling rocks

RT @jackseale: Let us not forget that JK Rowling personally rocks. http://t.co/TNyQ6ZYL



All the fuss about Twitter clients, and I’ve not opened the real Twitter app in 60 days. There are better options it seems.

More money than sense?

So, after the crazy Facebook IPO, they announce a Facebook photography app that more or less mimics the Instagram app they just bought for a billion dollars?

Why didn’t they just integrate a billion dollars worth of ‘Instagram’ branding into Facebook. It can’t be hard to use Instagram, by Facebook!

It never ceases to amaze me the money that is thrown around with so many tech startups. I’m sensible enough to know that stocks are not really related to a company’s worth, though it was, or will soon be, obvious when Facebook shares really tumble, but it is venture capital that is thrown around that does amaze. It is one reason I’m staying clear of Springpad. It is a nice idea, and fairy well implemented, but there is still no obvious source of revenue, and that, on a service that is holding my data, is a big worry. To a lesser extent this applies to Evernote, there revenue seems to be secure, though again I don’t know what has been thrown into the Evernote cap, but it is the implementation that gets me there. Understandably Evernote don’t want to make it easy to export your data, and that is where it falls down for me.

Google drive became available for me this week, and that does look like I’ll be using it, for work, though for personal use I really wish I could build my own Dropbox, or better yet, build a server that can host all my own data.

Socialmatic Camera

Socialmatic Camera — Indiegogo http://t.co/vOioxqVm

Noooo, this was supposed to be a joke!

Instagram sold for For $1B

“Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion”

Deleted Instagram, there are better ways of applying filters, and logging into Facebook isn’t one!

Announcing the new Jolicloud

Announcing the new Jolicloud. Your cloud, beautifully organized. http://t.co/DRLR4ZBj via @jolicloud – Done right this could be big!

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