Horrible Histories

RT @Cavalorn: Horrible Histories on #slavery and British Things



I can’t decide…

I can’t decide which address to visit. http://t.co/Eto1nFz84p


#piggate is trending…

RT @SwedenTrending: #piggate is trending top!!!! for more trending images visit: hashgurus.com/image.aspx?q=%… http://t.co/DeJP6U3B1P


Oh f*uck! Not only has it started…

Oh f*uck! Not only has it started, but it started with this… http://t.co/eDtGrKDMrz


I needed to be reminded of this today.

I needed to be reminded of this today. http://t.co/ITZgBaCcjU


I’m just so happy this isn’t my country…

I’m just so happy this isn’t my country… twitter.com/saladinahmed/s…

RT @giffgaff: Ending a chat in person: “See you so…

RT @giffgaff: Ending a chat in person: “See you soon.”
Ending a phone call: “G’bye then, buh-bye-bye-bye, OK, bye-bye, byeeee.”


RT @paniq: .@sehnaoui @huxi http://t.co/eYkWlfJQgk


Today in a fucking nutshell

RT @FortNinety: Today in a fucking nutshell: flip.it/rd81c

Mine too, totally.

“Breakfast” is an odd word.

RT @paniq: “Breakfast” is an odd word. You’re not breaking a fast, you just didn’t eat because you slept for 8 hours. Get over yourself.

And what rough beast…

RT @scottmeslow: And what rough beast, its hour come at last,
slouches toward Bethlehem to be born? http://t.co/dQmM2PAL6W


Hitchhiking Robot That Crossed Nations…

Hitchhiking Robot That Crossed Nations Fails to Last 2 Weeks in U.S. flip.it/D6iWO

There are parts of the UK where it would happen all to easily..

In fact I don’t think that Hitchbot could have crossed the UK at all.

Artist Celebrates…

RT @sylvia_ritter: Artist Celebrates Late Grandfather By Drawing Each Of The 100,000+ Items He Left In His Toolshed boredpanda.com/grandfather-di…

Think Twice

RT @nozbe: Do you really need to check your e-mail? Think twice! via @Forbes flip.it/tyX0d I need to think twice too!

‘The Far Left’

RT @Slanecartoons: ‘The Far Left’. My most popular cartoon so far this year. #nzpol flip.it/gck3t Same in the UK!

Shipped into production early

RT @r2r: Shipped into production without early customer feedback http://t.co/8tNRaJqQlT via @higepon /cc @hemal


Being an adult is mainly…

RT @SwedishCanary: Being an adult is mainly drinking coffee and googling how to do stuff.


RT @klapauzius: “DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT BLUE ROUTER LIGHT ONCE ILLUMINATED” mcsweeneys.net/articles/congr…

Hell is getting colder and colder.

RT @paniq: Hell is getting colder and colder. phoronix.com/scan.php?page=…

The new Microsoft, or is this just a new “Embrace” phase, extend and extinguish are yet to come?

“The name’s Surname.

RT @RossBrierley: “The name’s Surname. Name Surname” http://t.co/ITula3yrnw


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