And if I do it again is that another £1?

And if I do it again is that another £1? #TweetForShelter

So this is worth £1 per tweet?

So this is worth £1 per tweet if include the #TweetForShelter tag? twitter.com/pandamoanimum/…

8 months isn’t a birthday!

RT @endeavoringE: 8 months isn’t a birthday. twitter.com/IvankaTrump/st…

I’m guessing Trumpbaiting is a new sport.

Wouldn’t it be great…

RT @TheAzzo: Wouldn’t it be great if everyone gave @tasha4ctc a follow so she can catch up with chippy old Brian, here. twitter.com/cllrbsilvester…

I just love the power of the Internet, and social movement.

Too many people just don’t get it, taking the Internet on usually ends in failure.

Growing Up British

Still do, that isn’t just #GrowingUpBritish it is #BeingBritish twitter.com/pandamoanimum/…

I cried too…

RT @FunnyQuotees: Rt if you cried😢 https://t.co/MFMCxIYxmm


This is the future

RT @FunnyQuotees: THIS IS THE FUTURE https://t.co/lWinJI001U


My Life

RT @FunnyQuotees: Drug life: 💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉

Thug life:

My life: 🐨📱📺🍫💻💤🍪🍦🍕🍗🍟🍩🍔🍫🎧💤🐨📱🍗📺🍦🍫💻💤🍪🍕🍗🍟🍩🍔🎧🐨📱📺💻💤🍕🍗🍟🍦🍔🎧🐨📱🍩📺💻💤🍕🍪🍟🍔

“Is your summer body ready?”

RT @FunnyQuotees: “Is your summer body ready?”
Me: https://t.co/3bABLyRuJh


Great news!

RT @JimBenton: great news! https://t.co/LAmWYojs6r


I’ll just leave this here

RT @DocBastard: I’ll just leave this here. #FlatEarth https://t.co/e6j83c6uLo


Beauty is inside

RT @FunnyQuotees: Beauty is inside https://t.co/ik6Wa41ExG


RT if u are currently a mess

RT @FunnyQuotees: rt if u are currently a mess

Yup, when an I not?

I love girls who can…

RT @FunnyQuotees: I love girls who can keep a conversation going, no matter how stupid or random.

10,000-Character Limit?

Twitter Considering 10,000-Character Limit for Tweets flip.it/DUz.z Bring it on…

Controversially I’m in favour of this as I can think of the positives, but perhaps the 140 limit needs to stay as a headline, but with links, #hashes and @’s being part of the 10000 limit that display as part of the headline. This way Twitter can become a mini blogging system, or stay as it is.

What it will do to advertising is anyone’s guess though.

Do Androids Dream?

RT @giordanobc: AAA+ RT @dannolan: dying http://t.co/oJ8sk5N4D1


Wasted time

RT @juliussharpe: I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life but at least I don’t have a favorite golfer.

Google Doodle

Summer solstice celebrated in Google doodle gu.com/p/3gmtn/tw via @guardian ~ More strange to me is that I can plainly read Google!

I even drew the semi-circles on a piece of paper and could still plainly see Google.

#floydcountdown Job done.

Job done, ’nuff said.


Safety Hippo says…

RT @SafetyHippo: Safety Hippo says: if you gave your children a bicycle for Christmas, make sure you build them a foam pit or you’ll be cleaning up wounds soon.

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