I can confirm that…

#iOS5 I can confirm that doing a hard reset, and putting it into Airplane mode worked. Yay. Luck? 10 tries and 6.5 hours total! #BadApple

I will point out that this was not 6.5 hours constantly attempting to update, it felt like it, but I know I only spent about 3 and a half actually sat in from to the machine. Either way hardly “it just works”!

Twitter edit 23/10/11

Almost, but not quite.

Almost, but not quite. I got further along by doing a hard reset, but it failed anyway. Now I read that putting it into airplane mode works!

Seems #iOS5 is failing at verification?

Seems #iOS5 is failing at the verification stage due to the number of devices attempting to access Apple’s servers.
Keep trying then?

Different phone, different OS…

Different phone, different OS, still failing.. #iOS5 not so good so far…

Spoke too soon!

Spoke too soon, but the 3G downloaded ok, so but crashes out with a cryptic error error. Tried several tweaks, no go. Redownloading. #iOS5

iOS5 download bugged out

iOS5 download bugged out with less than 2 minutes to go.. 🙁
Re-downloading now, another 80 minutes to go. The other phone, no problems.

I can’t believe…

I can’t believe there is no one else in my Twitter feed saying ‘downloading now’?

So, hey, I’m downloading now.. http://t.co/D03MfNsF

How many millions?

How many millions of people will be prodding and poking there iDevices this time tomorrow night? #iOS

Good week, bad week

Good week, bad week
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The good. Nokia updated the firmware for the N95 this week, though I’m yet to notice any big changes, I think the device is just a little quicker, and maybe slightly more stable. Time will tell.

The bad. I messed up my OSX install. Messed up as in made all my sync stuff pear shaped.
Entourage has had problems keeping in sync with the phone, so I’ve tried out a couple of options, trying to also get a notes sync into the bargain. No joy, and cocked everything up to boot.
Easiest option was to start with a clean install, so I’m back with Mail/iCal for my tasks, and I’m not quite happy with the result. Something is just not ‘right’ in use. SOHO organiser is an option, but still does not quite seem to play ball with sync services. Maybe I should spend a little longer with it and try and sort the problems out.


Wow, 2 and a half weeks have flown by since I was last here. Had a week’s break, and managed a whole week without the net, sort of, almost…

I won’t count the time online spent updating my mom-in-law’s laptop, via dialup, sheesh, updates and dialup are a chore plus. Mr Gates, please heed this. Stop this stupid chicken an’ egg situation. Non secure OS, needs patches, needs AV, which needs updates, needs spyware, needs updates, patch breaks software, software needs updates, blah blah.
How much of the net is taken up with updates being requested and delivered. How much hard drive space is being used up, how much CPU horsepower is being devoted to running all this crap?

It reminds me of I guy I once new who kept eeking out a little more power out of his car. Bigger carbs, tune this, better that, constant ‘upgrade’. All he had to do to gain a little more performance outta the thing would have been to take all the crap out of the boot. Tools, jacks, chains, heavy crap. That was what was loosing the performance.

Ha. I just sit back from my smug little ‘nix boxes. 1.5Gz G4, and a 2.2AMD. Does all I need cos it’s not carrying crap.

I have to count the time online via my PPC. Daily e-mail checks, and visits to both The Register, and OSNews.com. Hey, a guy needs his daily news fix!

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