Leeds men have pint despite floods

Leeds men have pint despite floods shr.gs/MeWyD6Q

If you’re wet, you are wet…

Lazy summer afternoon

Doesn’t the world always look better on a lazy sunny summer afternoon…
And a glass or two of beer.

The hype cycle of storms

RT @nprnews: The Blizzard ‘Nemo’ Highlights The Hype Cycle Of Storms flip.it/W8aQc

Hmmm, isn’t everything “over hyped” these days? The traditional media plus social media, the celebrity society, and the attempt to fill every available channel with 24 hour updates and be the breaking story, coupled with ‘bad science’ from a variety of Wikipedia experts means I increasingly think that we are just getting bad media now. 
Honestly, just give us the facts, and STFU.

Three different weather apps, …

Three different weather apps, three different results. Do I go optimist with the best one overall? Or should I average them? #weather

Wind Power Without the Blades


Interesting concept. Has anyone build a prototype?

http://nyti.ms/exvXqE – Japan before and after interactive satellite photos.

Check out this website I found at google.co.uk


Pretty scenes

The heaviest snowfall I’ve ever seen in the UK. Local scenes are amazing. 2 quick shots earlier.

I know it’s cold, and we have had heavy snow, but this can’t be right?


Following their initial forecast of a heatwave this summer, which I commented on, the Met Office have now downgraded the heatwave to, well, not very much of a summer really…

This is now the third summer in a row they have got it completely wrong, and I’m just glad I didn’t take gov.uk advice and paint my house white to protect myself after all.

The Met Office, and gov.uk, are both as useless as each other it seems, or at least the cretins that have to put a spin on everything. In future they should stick to their reasonably accurate forecasts for upto 10 days in advance, and no more.

Winter weather

Wow, wonderful scenes tonight, but it was all too brief, and had virtually all gone a couple of hours later. More is forcast but right on the coast I doubt we will see much.

Forty something and I really wanted to just go out and play!

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Cool ‘n’ cold

1st of December, and the weather to go with it.
After a foggy/frosty weekend I awoke to a really frosty morning. This is how it’s supposed to be I guess.

Took a age to defrost my van, more on the inside than out!

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Mini tornado’s captured over Scarisbrick

Mini tornado’s captured over Scarisbrick

Southport Forums – Mini tornado’s captured over Scarisbrick

Not seen them myself, but with the kind of weather we have been having over the last few days nothing would seem out of the ordinary or impossible at the moment.

About six years ago, in similar weather conditions, I did witness a ‘mini tornado’ about six miles east of this one that was much more impressive to watch than these. On that occasion it did reach to within 5 meters from the ground and was much thicker/twistier in shape. These were the days before I carried a phone camera so I guess I have just the memory of it, though oddly I felt I was the only one witnessing it, and I was within 50 meters of it’s base at the time.

The strangest thing was that everything was so ‘calm’ around it, no noise, rushing wind or any debris floating anywhere. It was just this impressive black twister reaching from cloud to ground, and moving gently across the field in front of my eyes. At the field edge it just faded away, almost as if it was just drawn back into the black sky.

Not something I’m ever going to forget, and something I’d love to see properly again, though this time with a camera.

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Ahh, another rainy day…

I feel sorry for the kids, they go back to school this week and unless they escaped the country they had no real summer, just weeks of grey, wet time out.

I think it’s ASDA doing an advert at the moment that has kids wanting to go back to school, well I’d put money on it that they do!
Still, I’ve got a few tasks done, and I’m looking forward to my break in a weeks time. There is a ham joint in the oven, with baked potatoes and corn on the cob, all designed to be either barbecued, or done in the oven…

There is a cider in my hand, and the barbie is not lit…

Blue sky

Maybe they did get it right after all…

It took most of the day anyway..

I’m not normally one to moan about the weather, and I know we had some really nice days this week, but it’s not the same when you’re working. Yes its good to see a little sun, but when it comes to your days off, you just want it better than grey…

Grey daze

It does not usually bother me this much, but what happened to the summer?

They also forcast good weather this weekend, didn’t get that right, again… Or was that just the usual ‘South East’ is the entire country?

Storm clouds brewing…


This month, and most of June, has seen almost nothing but rain.
Thankfully we have escaped the brunt of it compared to some areas of the country, but it is depressing for Michelle who does not get any opportunity to see the ‘outdoors’ during the day. Today was no exception, we had ran and intervals of sun, and it was very warm. This storm brewing over Liverpool didn’t do much to disperse the atmosphere this evening, it ended up just bringing more rain……

Summer Preview.


Warm sun, blue skies, longer evenings.
I can feel summer is on its way…

A WordPress post.


March 18th, and heavy snow showers. Temperature dropping close to zero, feels like -4.
We have 3 days forcast like this.

Where is spring?

Rainy day

Had some time on my hands, had a spare desktop, and had a large pile of OS discs on my desk to play with.

Ever since I restored Windows 2000 back to the old Samsung laptop and set it up as Michelle’s machine, and ever since I became a full time Powerbook user I’ve had the old desktop more or less unused except for trying out the odd dozen Linux distributions. Well I finally decided to put it to some kind of use. I need a backup server, somewhere to place a few archives zips from the NAS drive, and maybe run a couple of dedicated apps, so I just want a reliable desktop that I can actually work with.

My top choice would be, strangely, Windows 2003 server, but it won’t install on this machine without adding another graphics card, some sort of terminal driver error on install. It’s top choice because I know it would run exactly what I’d need, and could easily take over from my groupware server that is getting a little long in the tooth. Reliability, well, it’s Windows, enough said.

So with Windows out, I’ve set about trying everything I could get my hands on. Xandros, CentOS, Vector, Ubuntu Dapper (Beta), PC-BSD, Nexenta (Alpha) and Solaris Express. All of them offer something unique, all of them have incredible strengths, but all of them fail at some point for my needs. All of them offer something better than Windows. All of them offer higher reliability than Windows, all of them could be tailored to fit my needs with more time, and more skill, but none of them offer anything like MacOSX. The more I look at the alternatives, the more I’m drawn back to a Mac.

Yes, this install-fest has taught me a few things, and it’s not over yet, but in the end I’m either going to have to pop a cheap graphics card in the box and go with Windows, or save my pennies and get a suitable Mac.

Told you it would’nt last!


Returned home from work on the third day of spring!
Wonderful snow…
It’s days like these that make you feel good to be alive…

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