This is a lot more complicated then I hoped it would be. All I want to do is get selected emails, with attachments into Evernote.

Attach to Evernote

For work purposes Outlook is not an option right now, the gMail web interface stinks, even though Everbot does what it says it should and gets the messages I want into Evernote, complete. Now I’m looking at even more complication and reliance on web services.
Dang it all. Email to Evernote. Job done.

Google’s Android powered by remarkable new ‘Flawgic’ flip.it/ptUE2

This may be a way…

24symbols flip.it/jS6BD ~ This may be a way out for eBooks. We need a Spotify for books. Is this it?

Global Village?

Finally, some three months after the launch of Lion Wacom have got around to launching some new drivers for the Intuos tablet.

Wacom logo nb c 000






Hopefully this will fix the issues with the standard Lion drivers for the tablet, presumably based on the 08/10 release from Wacom. What is annoying, besides the late appearance of drivers for a popular, and expensive, Mac add-on is the fact that the drivers are released only on the US site at present, and their appearance is only made known on page six of a complaint thread in the forum!

Whatever happened to the global village? Certainly hardware manufactures have not even begun to work on the concept, and with fairly good reason, rules, regulation and physical reasons such as power connectors all add up to different products for different markets, only dealing with Chinese suppliers seems to bypass this set of problems, and it is still very much “at your own risk”.

This isn’t hardware though, it isn’t even firmware. This is simply software drivers. Ok, there could be problems with language, but if you haven’t got around to making all the language installers please get it loaded on all your regional support sites as a Latest English Multinational release so that all the rest of the world that is fortunate enough to not be in US, and are able to click through an installer in English (I.e. most of the world), can make use of your update.

Lexcycle Stanza icon

Sorry if I’m ranting, but this comes the day after I tried to find a book, in ebook format. Like the music and film industry before it the publishing industry tries its best to make this difficult. As well as pricing issues it seems that it is difficult to buy based on region. The Kindle store will not let me buy it as I’m still registered on the amazon.com site, and it says it is unavailable to UK customers. I could buy it on the UK Kindle store, but that means I have to convert the account. Apple’s iBooks is overpriced as usual, and while I like iBooks it’s lack of cross-platform availability is a problem for me, and I’m not going to buy an overpriced book I can only read in one place. The next most sensible option would naturally be to search for the book I want, and the format I want it in, name of book and epub, and Google does a very effective search for you, with almost all the options being ways to get said book for free, many of which do not ask you to jump through hoops or fire up a BitTorrent client.

I don’t blame Google for this, searching for name of book and format is what I asked it to do, but I do blame the publishers for the fact that this situation exist. Make the item available at a sensible price, and wherever you ask for it is simple enough, but by being greedy, or protective you have now made it simpler and easier to obtain outside your revenue stream.


Social facebook heart spotify







Spotify have now climbed into bed with Facebook, requiring a Facebook account to sign up.

Sorry Spotify, I’ve been vocally supportive of your service, and been a long time Premium supporter, but this is just a fail.

There are approx 6.25 Billion inhabitants of the planet who are not on Facebook, I’m just one, but I have no intention of being part of anything that requires Facebook membership, and neither would I ever recommend such a service.

You started to get close to altering the music business, but you have already failed.


Add To buttons. What works, what doesn’t, and which is least intrusive?

Multi language spam?

Getting a bit of German spam over the last few days, I already get a lot of French language spam!

Flash Choir

Wow! I got the urge to sing.


Google Kills Wave

No real surprises there then.

I listened to the hype, bought into the beta and went huh? This is what I wrote on November 13th, 2009.

I got my Google Wave invite today, so I signed in and took a look. Disappointed is my best description. I don’t know what I thought it would do, but just what it does is kinda “meh”.

I had thought that it would be able to pull in and push out to several networks and mediums, bringing in IM, mail and social networking stuff, and selectively pushing back to those services. If it does it is not obvious in a quick look, leaving me with the thought this is just Visual Voicemail for GMail or Mail meets IM. I don’t know, I only gave it a quick look.

How long before Buzz goes the same way?

I do think that one day something will come along that will replace email, IM and Twitter, just looking at my spam box makes me think that someone bright enough will crack this nut, and we only have to look at Facebook to see how some things have changed the way we communicate online. Non of it is perfect, and none of it combines everything into one space, though I guess one day it will, given enough controls over how it is stored, viewed and used, but the simple fact is that it is not now, or Wave, that is going to make this change, and I’ll be certain that it won’t be Google either.



The Buzz

Google Buzz Logo

Just activated on my account, but I’m not sure yet. Like Wave it is not straight forwards in use, and as often happens on the net things that are ‘manufactured’ don’t always gain the popularity of more spontaneous products.

Nice article on the BBC about Buzz, but I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve tested things out.

All a bit ironic that on the day I make a plugin work for Twitter, and I finally ‘get’ how I could use it as part of my diary/blogging habit, Google go and release a similar system.

I’ll revisit things in a few days when I’ve had chance to poke things a bit.

Storm in the Pirate Bay

The ship appears to be sinking.

A sudden announcement that the guys behind The Pirate Bay have sold the outfit to a Swedish Software company has caused waves on the intertubes today.
After the recent high profile case, and the $3.6 million dollar fine it is not really a surprise, but I, like many others, think this is the end of this tracker, and personally I think this could be the end of the current Bit Torrent protocol.

Already there is more rumour and counter claims about what this decision means for The Pirate Bay, and though there are plenty of other trackers, I never found any quite as good, and as they were involved in about half of all the tracker requests, I guess I’m not alone with that thought.

I’m not a big user of torrents, but they are handy where something is obscure, and I’ll miss them when they are gone, but I guess all good things come to an end (remember all of mp3.com?). Still I hope we finally see a completely distributed, and anonymous, peer-to-peer network rise from these ashes, though I guess that is harder to build than was rumoured not that many years ago.

I want to see the music and movie industries get their act together and embrace the web, but at a fair price, and without any of the stupid restrictions they currently want to include with their product. So far this is proving to be a very, very slow process and I’d like to see the ‘alternatives’ force them into this position, but that too is proving difficult when the RIAA and MPA have so much financial power. Sadly when the web is embraced by the corporations the users will have a truly free, anonymous and effective distribution method and it will be very difficult for us, the users, to change to the ‘new’ media companies.

So long, me harties, and thanks for all the fish!

Mysterious Phibbs plaques

Not found one, yet, but I’ll be looking.

http://www.croydevenishphibbs.co.uk/index.htm and on twitter @devenishphibbs.

Hoax, real or ‘artsy’ stunt?

Very funny though.

Home Office ‘colluded with Phorm’

BBC NEWS | Technology | Home Office ‘colluded with Phorm’.

What can I say? Big Brother is watching you!

I’m absolutly convinced that no-one in our current government is condeming Phorm’s antics because they can see this as some way of spying on us all, and it fits with their crazy plans to keep a database of all our online activities.

I’ve got nothing to hide, but I’m increasingly drawn to various methods of anonymising what I’m doing…

Job done!

Wrestling with machines….

It did’nt take long, but I’ve decided that WordPress is offering me an ideal blogging platform, and the iPhone app is a little bit of brilliance too.

So with the post’s moved using the built in import tool I’ve made the anouncement on the Blogspot account that from now on I’m going to be on here, and away we go.

I’m looking forward to the new ‘space’, and the options it provides, though I think that I’ll be making gradual changes rather than all at once. A few plugins and configurations are on the cards, SMS and MMS are top of the list (let’s prepare for iPhone OS 3!), but there are a few more things I’d like to do in the very near future. One important task I do need to do is rationalise the catagories, and expand the tags, no mean feat with nearly 800 posts in the system!

Enjoy the ride, I’ve got a new suite of domesticated software to try out..

Last.fm to charge for streaming

BBC NEWS | Technology | Last.fm to charge for streaming.

I actually thought they already did this here in the UK?

I was interested in this service, but problems cordinating it into different players at different times let it fall out of use. I liked the idea that what you were listening to similar user generated content, but the rest of the ‘networking’ cruft, obviously where they hoped to make ‘ad’ money, was pretty much pointless.

Maybe I should revisit the idea?

Naked taoiseach paintings

BBC NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Naked taoiseach paintings removed

Brilliant! I think more politicians, and a whole bunch of bankers in this country should have the same ‘ordeal’…

Is Banksie up for it?


After 2 brilliant weeks away I come back to a simple job and find everything has gone haywire…

Why, I don’t know, but opening up Rapidweaver to update a website gives me a ‘Rapidblog Plugin Cannot Be Found’ error (Note, nothing has changed since I last opened this file a couple of days before my break). Ahhh, an easy fix I guessed, downloaded the latest version of the plugin, installed it, carried out the simple update I needed on the site, uploaded it and checked the site.
F***. PHP errors all over the place on the Rapidblog page.
Now the real problems began.
I can’t revert to an older version of anything via Timemachine as I had a disc problem before I went away and I’ve a new full backup going across at the moment, so I used a backup of the Rapidweaver file for content, and downloaded a previous version of the Rapidblog plugin. No go. Now I can’t get the Rapidblog plugin loaded at all. Testing on my own site caused the same error, causing the two sites I use with Rapidblog to break. I’ve disabled the blog part of the inital site, which would now be the thing that really, really needs to have it running, and because I have not published my own site via Rapidweaver of course it is not actually broken online!
This leaves me with a real head scratcher. Do I bring forward plans to move to WordPress, or spend hours trying to sort this thing out?
I have to say that moving to WordPress does scare me after having major problems years ago with a Mambo CMS install. If things go tits-up in that database am I ever going to be able to revert? Should I really still be attempting to be a sometime web developer, time never seems to be on my side with the few projects I’m still involved with? Right now just having a Blogger account (or maybe Facebook?) would seem the most sensible continuation for my personal stuff, but the other projects??
F***. Welcome home!

One good thing!

Rapidweaver 3.6.5 is now out of alpha!

I’d not had any real problems running the alpha version, but it’s good to know that this should now be fully working on Leopard.

Fame. 15 min worth…

…or 15 seconds?

DeskNow  Mail and collaboration server
Praise for DeskNow. Flattery gets you nowhere.

What’s the name for searching for yourself on Google?

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