The 5 stages of debugging

RT @darylginn: The 5 stages of debugging:

1. What?
2. Why?
3. How?
4. Impossible.
5. Oh.

Insurers worry about self-driving cars

Insurers worry self-driving cars could put a dent in their business flip.it/oXWHS

A sensible article for a change.

What if you do.. What if you don’t?

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Better Google Tasks Logo


We switched to Google apps at work, and I was looking forwards to being able to use gTasks within the whole Google Apps framework. Sadly it is not really worth the effort, repeating tasks were promised during 2011, and three months into 2012 there is no word about when they will become available.

Much of the rest of the suite is pretty usable, within an expanded intranet framework, but I’m very disappointed that the Google machine can’t produce a working task application. For the time being I’m sticking with Toodledo, though I am attempting to see if gTasks HD works out on the iPhone.

This is a little work around to bring the Toodledo interface into Google.

This is for anyone who is debating on which to use – I myself had wanted to use GTasks just so I could have tasks and events all inside my calendar screen… Once I got it through 2.0 I really hated GTasks versus Toodledo and all its features. GTasks is limited in what it will let you set online, no context, folder use is clunky at best, tags non existent so i switched back to toodledo.

Then poking around Toodledo I found that using Google Apps, they have a lab feature that let’s toodledo replace GTasks in the Google Calendar window so Toodledo will show up right in your Google Calendar window where GTasks would normally go. A perfect solution to GTasks with all the Toodledo features.

Just thought I’d add this in case someone else was experiencing the same thing…

Can find it inside Toodledo here http://www.toodledo.com/tools/index.php

View from my office window!

What an afternoon. No hassle, and this brilliant October sun.
– Taken at 3:57 PM on October 09, 2007 – cameraphone upload by ShoZu

Incidentally ShoZu Geotagged this about 4 miles out, and 8 minutes later than it was actually shot. It did tag at the exact point I reached 4 miles and 8 minutes later! Something I need to look into.



What kinda company do I work for? I’m pretty sure I’m in the wrong place. I do a managers tasks when required, I look after the branch computer systems, I do shop floor control, the shop end of the payroll. On top of this I have to add customer service. I do it for a pittance, and I’m constantly told I’m easily replaceable.

Then they come up with a hair brained scheme like this:
4 people per year, all departments, have to go on courses costing £1000 each, over the next 3 years. The courses will be relevant to their jobs, but I guess it won’t be any real use, be anything nationally recognized, and while you will get a certificate, it won’t serve any use outside a trophy on the companies wall. How can you tell a skilled worker with 20 years experience how to do their job better unless you are showing them a new process or equipment? When you’ve got your shiny certificate, that is it, you won’t get anything in your pay packet, or any other benefit, but, if you leave within 3 years, you have, on a sliding scale, to pay them back the cost of your training!
And this is supposed to be a huge moral boosting exercise?

I think ‘f@ck off’ is the only answer here. I owe you £1000 for working for you?
Just the mere mention of this is already causing mutiny in the ranks, exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to do!

I think a career move is looming closer…

In Flux…


Will I every be anything different?

Blogger provides a great blogging platform, I can mail in posts, I can use their web interface, I can use this handy dashboard app, or I can use any number of third party apps.
It’s the third party ones where it falls down. They promise a lot, but appear to fail in delivery.

I want to add in some media content. Photo’s to start, but I want to turn it into a “life journal”, a real record of the now.

The search continues.

Work been OK this week, but it’s been an odd week. I got the chance to spend a few hours being presented with a bid for our new management software system. I have to say that I was impressed, but it was very “Big Brother”. It pushes you, you don’t just enter and extract info, it takes the entered info, drives you, and spits out every possible known variable in the way of reports.

I thought it was excellent, and would have been my choice, but I doubt they will go with this one.

Cr@p day

Totally cr@p day today. I thought they were a thing of the past.

Customer charter, customer should be punched in the head for being a pratt.

All the while my freinds at the Mercedes dealer have ‘lost’ a car, and are bloody vague, keen, but vague. As a potential customer I’d be walking away in disgust. As someone who is hoping for a good deal I’m sticking around for a bit.


Been a good week at work. Got a clearer mandate on my role. However there is still a lot of uncertainty how things will pan out, staff changes and all that. Fingers crossed it just improves.

Blasted one referrer on their choice of software for contacts. Its pretty useless on its own, but backed with a claims center full of idiots it is worse than useless. How do major players pay for abysmal software/or systems, then role it out nationwide expecting users to ‘just use it’. In this case they expected us to switch to use it as primary contact with them from 1st Feb. Fine, we were ready, just appears that they were not!
When bugs appeared no-one was able to give any answers. When it became clear that there were not only bugs, but major input errors at their end, they took the tack of absolute denial that the system was even implemented to run this way.
Its still ongoing, I detected slight sarcasm when they replied with a thank you for your ‘detailed’ e-mail. Waiting a more precise response.

Getting a user and pass for Audatex. Got some learning to do on this system. So have they it seems. Newly rolled out as a web based application it is still so full of bugs that I’m surprised it even functions. I know we were an early adopter, but I can only think that because they have an 80% market monopoly, and contractual agreements that preclude using any other method of estimate submission, that we cannot complain. Another example of poor design, interface, and a hasty untested roll out. How the motor claims industry even functions is really beyond me!

New Blogger

Hello shiny new blog system, you look soooo much better than the old one.

Well I have to get off on the right side of things, and blog software is just as likely to cause me problems as any other software, hardware or domestic machinery. Treat things well and they will look after you… I think someone who had never come across the sorry excuse for software that is supposed to make my daytime job actually work once said…..

Gee that system would command a blog of its own, or come to think of it work would fill a blog of its own..mmmm

Side tracking madly here, I just called to do my now regular once a week thing, and I really am not planning it this way, it just happens like this, and what do you know, shiny new blog thing.

Linux course is OK, bit to much flash and not much content, but the pass % is in the 90’s so I suppose that I am taking things in, or I already knew the answer’s….

Not had a lot of time to play with a Linux machine @ home this week, although I have been promised some expired hardware to play with, I hope its just a dead HD, but who knows. Just could be fun to have the thrill of resurrecting a ‘dead’ machine. This will form the basis for a Linux server, ooooh….if it works of course.

Had a couple of days fixing the ‘bosses son’s’ laptop, came to me water damaged, or so I was led to believe. Turned out to be a over enthusiastic uninstall session that took out several drivers in the process. Did I get any thanks from ‘dad’? No way, more like the third degree and large amounts of distrust that I didn’t get the IT dept to do it. Fact is I discussed with the IT guy who found me the correct original driver download needed when I found that there was no water damage, only user damage. Talk about getting kicked in the teeth when you do someone a favour. It’s not I have not done the IT guy a few good turns, but the ‘bosses’ don’t know that do they, mushroom management again.. f*** em, I’ll take my somewhat empty pay packet away once a month, devote my skills to MY stuff and hopefully get the chance to f*** them over when I find something else to do.

I prefer machines, even badly behaved ones, to bad, ignorant or ambitious managers.

Hey, this is turning into a rant, did’t mean to do that…

Other stuff.

6880 starting to gain momentum, another meeting last Weds, co is formed, waiting on charitable status. The old printer is chugging away now producing 500 leaflets, ha, it really will kill it this time. Will’s doing a stand at a show next week, but cos I’m in sunnier climes I’ve got to do my bit before I leave. I also dabbled into MS Access and threw a simple member database together. 30 odd names in there but I’ve got to e-mail out to most to take things to the next stage. Serious amount of work to do soon, so I am taking a big notepad on holiday to see if I can nail all the thoughts/plans together.

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