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“So, what you been up to this week?”

“Well, I spoke to soon about


, they released version 4 this week, and completely bungled the pre-order download. I pre-registered an interest and come the 21st, release day, nothing happened. I logged on at various times during the day, and checked my mail for the discount link, but nothing. By 10pm they had made the new release available in the shop, but at the full price. It was not until the 22nd, at 4pm, did I get my coupon link, and even then it did not give me any of the options I wanted. I literally had to ‘hack’ the system to get my code and the straight ISO download of the Premium version.

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Xandros forever?

Can I actually stick with a distro?

I’ve just splashed out on the premium membership, and bought the ‘special’ priced version of Win4lin. Financial incentive.

I’m hitting one or two small problems, but nothing major. Ok, iTunes will not work under Crossover, something that has been hit or miss under test anyway, but Amarok seems to work well, and Digicam is fine too. Power management, nope, but again, always been a problem under Xandros for me.

Right, barring a major hiccup, I can live with this thing, Not as nice looking as Ubuntu, and Gnome beats KDE, but they both have strong points. Still, the machine is not just mine, it is Michelles too.

So, can I live with Xandros? Can I actually resist turning to another distro? Shall I make a deal?

I will not switch distro’s for 6 months. I will use Xandros as my secondary desktop for 6 months, no questions, no whimsical flights of fancy. I will make my best attemts to sort out any problems in Xandros, and if all else fails I will re-install.

Done, made my deal with the devil. The only proviso is that I can upgrade to Xandros4 when it becomes available…

Shall I change the blog name to 6months with Xandros?

Bugger Xandros

Bugger Xandros. The instability issues it has always shown for me showed up again. I could forgive it for slow, which it was, but not for a Windows style reboot every couple of weeks.
Note past tense. What next?
Vector 5.0 SOHO, that’s what.
Had the CD in my mitts for a couple of weeks, and the itch, and the Xandros pain, got the better of me.

Nice, fond memory of an earlier version on a P200, whipped WinXP for speed then, pretty good now, although anything is quicker than Xandros.

SuSE is pretty stable on the server, but I wouldn’t say no to Vector there either. Its got its problems, and Slack is different to Deb etc, but pretty cool anyways. It appears as usable as Xandros, with the depth of Mepis. Its not Xandros, and its not Mepis, Ubuntu, SuSE, etc, but I kinda like it and think it maybe around for a while.
By that I mean at least a month or two.

Xandros Membership


Made that commitment to Xandros membership, the benefits aren’t great, but its far cheaper than the Mandrake Club, but you don’t get to upgrade to net version for your money here. Still, its putting investment back, and I didn’t pay for my copy anyway!

I have also upgraded Crossover, bargain price under membership scheme, and compatibility is a little better on some apps, I now need to roll out my installation of things, I’ve written a list of the important ones, and what is amazing is how small it is!I need these for day to day work yes, but I always thought there was more. I am also trying to make sure there is a Linux equivalent installed where possible, and I will try to look at using that as well. One thing I’m not yet sure about is the portability of membership to the second computer, but, and its nothing new, Xandros may not stay on the machine anyway!

If the main box is stable and happy doing what I need, and Michelle can use it, I think I may just experiment a little. As long as I can access network, and some backups remain safe, its worth the time invested. Xandros is a 15 min reinstall if I need to go back. Think may suffer in the short term, but I need to get this out of my system.


Let’s face it, I’m a distro whore! I really can’t help but to keep trying every one that I can lay my hands on, all in the search for that perfect partner. When I do find a partner I can commit to, they either leave my in the lurch, or I spy another ‘fanciable’ distro and blow my current partner out.

Like life though, I have always got my good old parents to fall back on, but because I have just machine gunned Mr Windows down because of his unhygenic ways, blue screens, and the way he never washed so little bits of him kept building up and caused him to slowly drop into a coma once a year, I’m now an orphan, and I’ve got a new adopted mum, Xandros.

Xandros is nice, she looks after you, is clean and easy going, but still a little commercial, but I can forgive that cos she let’s me get the job done, and turns a blind eye to my little weakness for spending time with younger and dirtier distros..

Gnoppix is my latest, a real live CD, and wow, she goes. I still haven’t figured out how to push all her buttons, and she’s not connecting to the outside world yet, but less than 3 min from her arriving this morning, I had opened my drawer to her and she was doing the business in all her naked desktop glory. It was quick and dirty, but she did show lots of potential, despite that she’s a Gnome, and they are not my usual type. I had to make it a quicky, and went back to mom Xandros, but only so I can Think during the day. I’ll be doing the dirty again later though, I need to see if we can connect…


We connect just fine, I got a little help from the better documentation offered by Gnoppix’s cousin, Knoppix. I am in fact suggesting a threesome, I have just invited Knoppix down, courtesy of the Bit torrent dating service, but Gnoppix’s Gnome is slightly growing on me, and I’m itching for a HD install to put her through the paces. Live CD is fine, but not for what I need right now. Future uses may include my webserver though, but I think it would have to be a case of building my own distro! Let’s not run before I can walk…

Good decision?

I really hope I’ve made a good decision here. Starting to add data back to new Xandros machine, and software will continue shortly.

Details of the Xandros Premier member thingy are a bit scarce, going to have to Google a little first, but I have to make some commitments somewhere, if only to help a distro advance. SuSE, Mepis and Mandrake have all benefited from my purchases this last year, I’ll commit to Xandros, and SuSE for the next, or maybe the Novell job, if its not too much like the Sun offering, but that will be taking a trip with Gnome….

There I go again, looking for that perfect distro, its a bit like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Least I have a rainbow, and Mr Gates don’t have anything to do with it.


Took the decision on Xandros. I’m very wary of SuSE. I know its rock solid on my laptop, although that is not used as much as the desktops at the moment, lousy summer!

I will stick with this decision until Xandros 3 and SuSE 9.2 are around. Then I will go head to head. I can see my whole network as a mix, but want to look at 100% Debian if possible.

I’m not telling the boss…

Busy tech day in the end. Ssh, I’m not telling the boss…

Fedora Core2 now about 2hours away from full download. I’m definitely going

to give it my best shot. It would appear to offer all I need, SuSE like almost, but with added community.

The problem Linux box is now bolted back together and sitting in its proper place. Xandros flies on this machine, more so than SuSE did. I can’t work out if its has anything to do with the config or the distro. I’m not going to patch or install anything on it, just switch to Core2 asap.

I read up on a quick Google that their does appear to be a random fault in

the kernel upgrade, not many, but some are getting a similar problem. Now

if I look back I may find out ways of curing it, or if I can get it to reinstall I could avoid the patch. However my confidence has taken a battering on this, and I may find the chameleon and I are going to part company. I want to lay the blame at Novell’s door, 9.1 had some serious flaws out of the box, but I forgave them. Now I have junked Windows on the back of an update process that killed an install, I am all to happy to walk away from a distro that appears to have done the same less than 3 days later. Please stop releasing software/patches that are not ready guys.

Xandros is continuing to amaze me. It is really how a modern OS should be. I burnt the Fedora ISO’s just by double clicking them, that is after I searched the software installed, and Xandros networks looking for a program to do it. Google the provided the answer, and it was so simple that I had missed it. Double click the ISO and poke a blank CD in the drive. Simple.

Now if I could just overcome that nagging doubt about stability and long term reliability, over look the simplicity, and lack of cutting edge upgrading/features, the Xandros may be getting a longer term investment on the ex-Windows machine. I am eying up the Premium member thing, and may point some cash at this option.

Talking of finding the cure in the simplest area, I have had a long term issue with my Treo ‘buzzing’ when on a call. Not audible at my end, it has been a pain for the callee. I found instructions for a cure on MyTreo.net, and fixed it today. It is amazing what a 1cmX4cm strip of kitchen foil, and a similar piece of Sellotape, can cure. Evidently I have built an interference shield on the 1cm wire that connects the battery controller daughter board to the phones motherboard. Cool.

Why do I always do this…


Why do I always do this… Xandros refuses to install the php-mysql module, broken package. So I trawl the net for alt apt-get sources and find another interesting Debian based distro, Mepis.

I did it by accident, I was looking for a download, clicked through a link and had it beckoning to me. Now part of my head is saying ?No, you’ve got a working configured install, carry on with finding package and install?. The other side says ” but its only a 15 min install, and it looks good, and its Debian, and it has the packages you want on the ISO, and if its no good its only a case of putting Xandros back!”

Arrrgh..the only reasons Mepis is attractive are:

* Better Debian compatibility

* Nagging doubt about previous Xandros problem.

* $9.95 purchace price. I ‘found’ my copy of Xandros…

I think I’m going to say bugger it and do download and install. Keeps me legal, and poss better with updates etc. Who knows, I may even like it more than SuSE.


Module had come down by lunchtime today. But…

Do I stay or do I Mepis-morph into another distro. Theory would be that I only have to config MySql/PHP install Group-Office and open port on firewall to be away on Xandros. To do anything else will require 1 night to install distro then time to config again etc. In actual fact it will take the same number of days to do it all, I need to fix up a friends computer, do some general computer house keeping, some real housekeeping, some business plan, and, I’m away all this weekend too. I think a Mepis download will be happening in the meantime.


Well SuSE on the laptop is cool.

I can still feel that it is a fully usable desktop, and a very viable Windows alternative. Not only that, but I’m really happy with the install. Only minus point is the APM features are missing again, enabled in BIOS, but not appearing on a desktop near me.

Xandros is cool too, but there were some minus points, as well as some plus. On the downside is the config problems, I found it more difficult to tweak than SuSE. On the plus were its simplicity and ‘Windows like’ features. You cannot win…. You have to take the best you can find, and use that. Now I know there are plenty of people that would tell you that it is possible to config how you need, and I know it is possible, but in this case I need a fully working, no messing, simple to use desktop, out of the box.

Xandros had it, SuSE has more, and I’m sure there are more out there as well.

Ok, I tried another distro today, not a pleasant experience either, I’m sad to say. The server running Xandros has been playing silly buggers for a few days, logged for the most part on here. It did manage 42 days w/out a reboot, a record, but its been dropping services, and vnc had gone so I was having difficulties on admin. Did a reboot, and despite configs saying the opposite, vnc server would not start on boot. Ok, I looked at the options, and made use of the ‘Club’ membership @ Mandrake.

I’ve found this distro pretty good in the past, 9.1 was fine, but I was unhappy with 9.2, in fact it would not install on the server, and while I had higher hopes for 10, it disappoints.

First install bugged out cos I’d chosen to keep /home unformatted. Decided that it could not write to disc. Second install fine, I formated /home. The disappointment started when on arival at the desktop I found no Network icon, something I’m sure was in 9.1-2, is in Fedora, SuSE 9+, Xandros2 etc, and continued when I cannot find any way of setting an auto start to either VNC server. Config says its running, but I cannot login from another puter, it just says sever not found. To cap this off, I manually started VNC, logged in and was creating a share when the bloody thing has locked up, X or what I don’t know, or care. The thing is going in the bin now, not the box, yet, but the chance I offered Mandrake.

Guess who’s not going to renew their club membership……

Crossroads time again. I can put Xandros on again, and maybe lose services in around a month, but can run Think, slowly. I can put SuSE back on, even do an upgrade when the new CD arrives, hopefully I can run this with some success, some installs have been flaky, but I’m sure that I’ll have problems with Think. I can turn the box off and call it a day, shareing the useful components with the other boxes, or I can keep putting different distros on there until I find something that works.

The other Linux puter has just gone through a reboot, 42 days, and is now serving my files instead of the server, accessible from both here, the laptop, and Windows. There is a copy backup on the Windows box, but that’s what I think the old server should be doing. Mmmmm

What to do next?


Reloading Xandros on the laptop, not because I’ve got any big problems, I’m just missing suspend. Details are vague in instructions, I’ve reloaded on one option, and I can’t be arsed doing any more, resetting all my prefs and doing 100meg of Xandros updates. One the plus side I have gained working power management on the screen. That WAS annoying me a lot.

Maybe If I bought the 100% kosher thing I’d get my handy manual. Maybe next time.

Thinking of which, where is my SuSE update?


Xandros for geeks? I love it…

Although I was tempted to put SuSE back on for a fleeting moment earlier…

I Really want to get my phone to sync, and that will soon be the focus. What I really find anoying is installing a app, then not being able to find it on the system. First Tight VNC, then Firestarter. They are ther, and Firestarter was on the menu as well, now I can’t find it….

Least I can find menu editor on this system, and if I can find the app I may get it back up there.

Little server is retired from Think. They did an upgrade to the software, and it stopped… Now its refusing VNC sessions…and I’m very very tempted to stick Xandros on there with a minimal install, sharing home, crunching Think again, maybe as amailserver, and as a MySql test box to get the next version of the 6880 website online. Don’t want much from a 6 year old 400mhz box thats been operating flatout for 4 years at full cpu load…..

This ones going to die of overwork……


Got Xandros, and I gotta admit I love it…. Found out how to install more than standard Xandros fair, you just need to add these sources to the app source list,

# Unstable


deb http://ftp2.de.debian.org/debian unstable main contrib non-free

deb http://ftp2.de.debian.org/debian-non-US unstable/non-US main contrib non-free


If you do it on the Network page, it adds it into the apt file for you.

I think I could stick with this distro, that is unless the cute green lizard temps me back.


Said bugger it did’nt I….

Xandros loading as I type, whoaa easy install, so far. Oh and by the way Ghost bugged out so it back to a full SuSE install if it fails…

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